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Miva Empresa 5.33 Has Been Released

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    Miva Empresa 5.33 Has Been Released

    Miva Empresa 5.33 Release Notes

    Bugs Fixed

    25435: Mia Configuration should be stored in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software, not HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE
    27013: xxx::ProcessPOSTedData should verify content length is greater than 0
    27104: Add support for utf16 encoding of 4-byte utf8 sequenced characters
    28084: Multiple MvCALL tags in the same file with the FLAGS attribute output an "Attribute is used more than once error"
    28125: MvFUNCTIONRETURN within an MvASYNC causes a frame underflow
    28154: Update MySQL client library to 5.5.61 or newer
    28985: Miva mia settings never update when you click apply
    29095: MvCALL Certificate Pinning
    29484: Self-referencing UPDATE statements are subject to race condition
    29826: Windows Read / Write operations should check for ERROR_LOCK_VIOLATION on failure New Features

    New Built-in Functions

    miva_struct_member_callback( struct var, function, data var )

    This function can be used to dynamically populate structure members as they are accessed

    • struct- The structure on which to perform the callback function
    • function- The callback function that will be triggered when a member does not exist in the structure (if the callback function is empty, the callback will be disabled)
    • data- The data that will be passed to the callback function
    Return Value:
    • Empty
    Example MivaScript code:

    <MvEVAL EXPR = "{ miva_struct_member_callback( l.struct, 'CustomCallback', ) }">

    <MvFUNCTION NAME = "CustomCallback" PARAMETERS = "struct var, member, data var" STANDARDOUTPUTLEVEL = "">
    </MvFUNCTION> CustomCallback( struct var, member, data var )

    • struct- The structure that had the member accessed
    • member- The member that was accessed
    • data- The data that was passed to miva_struct_member_callback
    Return Value:
    • The value that should be assigned to the structure member.
    MySQL Connector Changes

    • Added the ability to have write segregation. By default, the write connection assumes the read connection's host, port, user, password, and database.
    • The following are commands that can be issued via MvDBCOMMANDto change the write connection’s values.
      • write_host
      • write_port
      • write_user
      • write_password
      • write_db

    • Added the following values to MvCALL FLAGattribute:
      • force_https- This flag will only connect to the specified host if done so over HTTPS.
    If the HTTPS protocol is not used, MvCALL will raise an error.
    • force_verify- This flag will force certificate chain verification / IP verification even when the engine is configured to not to perform chain / hostname verification.
    • Added certificate pinning to MvCALLwith the following attributes:
      • PIN-ALGORITHM- The algorithm to use to verify the connected server's certificate e.g. sha1, sha256, etc.
      • PIN-DIGESET- The binary value that should be used to compare against the connected server's certificate
    • Addeds.callservercertificateas a system variable within an MvCALLtag. This variable will return the server's certificate in PEM format.
    • An MVBRedis.DLLlibrary is now distributed with the Windows installer which will allow MivaScript code using redisfunctios to compile. It should be noted that redisis not supported on Windows and this library will return “Unsupported” forredis_last_errorand 0 for all other redisfunctions. It was only added so developers could compile code related to redison Windows, but the binary will need to be run on UNIX based systems.
    StoreMorph Changes

    • Added <mvt:capture variable=""></mvt:capture>
    • Added the pin-algorithmand pin-digestattributes to<mvt:call>

    Rick Wilson
    Miva, Inc.
    [email protected]

    • Added <mvt:capture variable=""></mvt:capture>

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