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Miva 10 is Now Available

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    Miva 10 is Now Available

    Miva 10.00.00 is now available to download.


    Below are the release notes:

    Miva Merchant 10.00.00 Release Notes

    New Features

    Design & User Experience
    1. Complete admin redesign for optimized user experience
    2. Improved Dashboard Screen
      • Jump Back In
      • Recent Orders
      • Optimizations to how dashboard reports are generated
    3. Streamlined Left Navigation with Collapsible menu
    4. New Sub Menu for User Interface
    5. Improved Batch Lists
      • Primary Column (clickable)
      • Select All Checkbox
      • Customize Row Height (Default, Compact, Comfortable)
      • Full Screen Mode
      • Column Edit
      • Product Image displayed in list (product lists only)
      • Selection Action Bar
      • Icon Driven to Button Driven – Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Buttons
    6. Full Screen Mode for any Batch List or any modal popup
    7. Improved List Sorting
      • Drag n Drop Visual Sorting of Products
      • Edit Display Order
      • Move to Position
    8. User & Store Icons with Ability to upload your own
    9. Re-Order tabs using long click
    10. Redesigned Sticky Header
    11. Updated Color Picker
    12. Updated Text Editor
    13. Updated Visual Editor
    14. Redesigned Data Management Screen with Search and Filters
    15. New Store Add/Remove Module Screen with Filters & Search
    16. Redesigned Support Request Dialog with ability to upload screenshots
    Developer Tools & Developer Workflows
    1. New Sub Menu for User Interface
    2. Template Branches – Create unlimited number of branches (development environments) for your Store
    3. Branch Deployment – Merge, Copy, Swap Branches & Revert. Easily push changes live with a few clicks
    4. Tags – Tag coding changes for easier code deployment
    5. Expand/Collapse All Tab Groups
    6. Branch Preview
      • Preview changes which are not yet live
      • Send branch preview link to someone
      • Pin Branch Preview tool to any corner of your browser
    7. New Command Line Interface - MMT
      • Export and import the entire UI (Templates, Theme Components, CSS & JS)
      • Enables local developer workflows and integration with existing version control systems (git, subversion, etc)
    8. Versioning support for CSS, JavaScript
    9. Managed Properties
      • ReadyTheme Components & other modules affecting UI have been converted over to Managed Properties to enable versioning
    Theme Components
    1. ReadyThemes now lives under User Interface and has been renamed to Theme Components
    2. Content Sections now have a new setting to not include <div> wrapper, enabling reusable code snippet management
    3. Content Sections, Navigation Sets, and Product Listings Templates now display in the page vs a modal window
    1. Ability to re-price inventory variants based on price changes to master product attributes & options
    2. Inventory Edit Dialog is now a batch list which can be searched and filtered
    3. Facets - Ability to override Prompts for both attributes & options
    4. Caching of Facet Attribute data for performance
    5. Category Tree & Category Title Images now use the image picker
    6. Specific Sale Price values are now sortable and searchable in batch lists
    7. Sort Product Subscription Terms List for each product
    8. Product Images are now uploaded into sub-directories with a 10k soft limit
    1. New Tax Exempt Setting for Customers and Business Accounts
    2. Improved Shop As Customer Experience
    3. Track date/time for last time customer changed password
    Order Processing
    1. Recalculate Shipping has been split out into its own button
    2. Add Item Lookup now pre-populates attribute options as drop downs
    3. Ability to validate both bill to and ship to addresses from within Miva Order Processing
    4. New Payment Transactions Batch List
    5. Authorization Failures now stores the shopper data for manual follow up
    6. Ability to unship shipments & split items in a shipped state
    7. You can now edit subscriptions which have orphaned attributes/options
    8. Improved Batch Capture Payment/Backorder/Archive Progress Dialog
    9. Improved Add/Edit Subscription Dialog
    1. Price Group Management Improvements
      • New setting to set default price group inclusion/exclusion for new price groups
      • Copy Price Group – Copy an existing Price Group with a few clicks
      • Completely Refreshed Price Groups Exclusions – Now displayed as a batch list for easy bulk actions
      • Collapsible settings sections with Exclusion summary screen
    2. New Price Group: Customer Specific Pricing Per Product
    3. New Price Group: Basket Discount (Specific Products)
    4. New Price Group: Markup from Cost
    5. Geographic Restrictions for Shipping Price Groups
    6. Caching of Exclusion rules for better performance
    1. Coupon Usage Report
    2. Customer Sales Report
    3. Sales Commission Report
    Shipping & Payment
    1. New PayPal Commerce Platform Integration
      • Easy setup & onboarding experience
      • Improved PayPal Checkout Experience which now calculates Tax, Shipping and allows you to complete checkout from any page in a few clicks
      • Ability to use PayPal Smart Buttons from the Product Page
      • Better Integration with PayPal Customer Credit Banners
      • New Custom Card Fields Credit Card Payment integration
    2. New Payment Module: Purchase Order & Terms
    3. Address Validation for Both Checkout and Admin
    4. Updated Square Integration to latest Payments API
    Sales Enablement
    1. Shop As Customer Improvements
      • Shop As Customer is now a core feature vs an installable module
      • Initiate session from Review Baskets
      • Runtime Preview tool to show you who you're logged in as
      • Admin Preview tool to show you who you're logged in as
      • New report to track sales from CSRs/Sales Reps using Shop As Customer
    2. Review Baskets Improvements
      • Shop As Customer from Review Baskets Screen
      • View Failed Authorizations in Batch List
      • Ability to use PayPal Smart Buttons from the Product Page
      • Interact with basket in real time (add/remove items, apply discounts, etc)
      • Convert a basket to an order from admin
    Performance Optimizations
    1. Product Page defaults to using pre-calculated prices
    2. ReadyTheme Product lists now use pre-calculated price
    3. Admin batch lists queries have been optimized to reduce number of table joins
    4. Category Link variable has been optimized for efficient loading
    5. Reports on Homepage are now generated via a Scheduled Task vs at login
    Managed Properties
    1. New Managed Properties feature allows for branch versioning
    2. The following features have been converted over to the new Managed Properties. All their existing tables have been dropped.
      • Product/Category Header Footers
      • CSSUI Cat Tree
      • CSSUI Buttons
      • ReadyTheme Components
    3. Their settings now live in sNN_ManagedProperties table
    Utilities & Other Changes
    1. New utility under image management to partition existing images into sub-directories
    2. New Scheduled task logging for Errors, Warnings and Information
    3. Email Notification when Payment encryption key is changed
    4. Email notification when payment gateway credentials are changed
    5. Support for CIDR prefix on IP address blacklist
    6. Native Database support for PostgreSQL
    7. New Scheduled Tasks
      • ReadyTheme – Update Image References
      • Clear Scheduled Task Log
      • Generate Dashboard Reports
      • Delete unreferenced MivaPay Tokens
    8. Password Fields in Admin are now disabled until clicked to prevent auto-fill errors
    9. Mailchimp Improvements
      • New setting to allow you to exclude orders imported from Marketplaces
      • discount_total is now sent in API requests
    10. New Module APIs to allow modules to output CSS/JS to built-in CSS/JS Resources for easier management
    11. Attribute Prompt is now available in Feeds
    12. Specific Sale Price Custom Fields are more usable in feeds
    13. Importing Attribute Template Assignments via CSV now supports multiple assignments in the same import
    14. New User preference to automatically remember last Store viewed
    15. Ability to sort products/categories by date created or date updated
    16. Domain Level PA-DSS Security Checkup Weekly Email
    17. Provisioning support for relative data PRV_Tag_Date
    18. Managed Quotes is now part of the core Miva software
    1. Support for binary data (base64 encoded) using new X-Miva-API-Binary-Encoding header
    2. SSH Support – requests can now be authenticated by SSH public/private keypair which allows requests to be attached to a Miva Admin user vs an API Token
    3. JSON API now detects and handles timeouts with batched API operations
    4. New API Functions
    1. Shadows is now the default Framework for newly created stores
    2. Accessibility - Shadows ships with passing grades for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 Level A and Level AA as well as Section 508 standards for accessibility
    3. Compliant with Google's latest Web Vitals metrics
    4. Improved overall Page Speed Metrics
    5. New Developer Version
      • Native support of CSS custom properties (variables)
      • Native support for SASS with all .scss files included
      • Gulp build process to output a single CSS file and a single JS file
    Bugs Fixed
    Bug ID Component Description
    MM-9148 ActionDialog ActionDialog.prototype.Show calls Modal_Show with onEsc / onEnter parameters backwards
    MM-2782 Administrative Interface Whole number validation does not properly enforce integer limits, leading to database errors in MySQL strict mode
    MM-3680 Administrative Interface Uploaded/generated images should be partitioned into no more than 10k files per directory
    MM-4005 Administrative Interface Netherlands Antilles should be removed from the country list
    MM-5914 Administrative Interface Adding duplicate attribute codes to an order line item causes attribute prices to be displayed incorrectly
    MM-7046 Administrative Interface Feature Request: Resize Edit Inventory Dialogue
    MM-7422 Administrative Interface Feature Request: Restrict dragging of Skinned Dialogues outside of upper/left borders
    MM-7436 Administrative Interface Fatal error when attempting to set circular category hierarchy
    MM-7451 Administrative Interface Feature Request: Add the ability to "unship" shipments and split items that are in the "Shipped" status
    MM-7484 Administrative Interface MMMenuButton: SubMenu: Sub Menu is hidden when pressing mouse down on the scroll bar
    MM-7495 Administrative Interface MMScreen_Load_MMScreenContext should only call StoreModuleList_Load_Active when a store has been opened
    MM-7744 Administrative Interface Admin: Module upload handler should return a proper error when an invalid file / module is passed to it
    MM-7749 Administrative Interface Catalog, Facet Rules, edit Category Rules, Facet Display Type is blank when setup by provisioning file.
    MM-7793 Administrative Interface Order Processing: The payment module column is still too slow to use on large stores
    MM-7882 Administrative Interface Order Processing: Advanced search dialog can be stretched too wide with a long shipping method name
    MM-7917 Administrative Interface Users with edit product permissions only can delete a products shipping dimensions by accident on update.
    MM-8046 Administrative Interface META Description and META Keywords do not appear in Price Group Discounted Subscription window
    MM-8138 Administrative Interface Many item-dialog related errors cause the order overlay details to remain in a processing state forever
    MM-8197 Administrative Interface Session timeout message is logged when a potential session hijack is detected
    MM-8245 Administrative Interface When canceling an item, sales tax is recalculated only when discounts are recalculated
    MM-8374 Administrative Interface Users with edit product permissions only can delete a products Limit Payment Methods setting by accident on update.
    MM-8381 Administrative Interface The "FireEvent" function uses deprecated "createEvent" calls
    MM-8398 Administrative Interface Add store screen should not call StoreModuleList_Load_Features
    MM-8402 Administrative Interface reCAPTCHA private key and confirm private key are missing autocomplete= off
    MM-8425 Administrative Interface Recalculate discounts is not performed when creating an order from edit customer screen.
    MM-8427 Administrative Interface PA-DSS Checklist incorrectly thinks that a MySQL database is remote when there is no "@hostname"
    MM-8449 Administrative Interface Scheduled tasks are attempted to be run even after a store is deleted
    MM-8451 Administrative Interface History, HistoryList_Load can become overly large (2.5mb) for each page hit.
    MM-8479 Administrative Interface Creating a new order from within an order leaves the source field blank and source id of 0.
    MM-8490 Administrative Interface v56_Order_Update_Total: Does not send correct parameters to Module_Notify_Order_TotalChange
    MM-8508 Administrative Interface Archiving payment data should reset sNN_Orders.pay_id to 0
    MM-8526 Administrative Interface MMBatchList: Deleting large datasets with children can cause the parent records to not be deleted
    MM-9331 Administrative Interface Order, total_ship field does not get updated when applying a shipping discount in admin after the shipment method is applied to the order.
    MM-9723 Administrative Interface Miva merchant cookies should set the SameSite attribute.
    MM-9847 Administrative Interface JSON_ValidateAdminSession sets an expiration date on admin cookies, preventing them from being discarded when the browser is closed
    MM-9934 Administrative Interface Non-module domain-level file upload is not possible after 9.12.00
    MM-9421 Administrative Interface Order processing batch list has no way to capture payment for a selected batch
    MM-9423 Administrative Interface Order Processing Batch List - Capture Payment for selected batch could timeout
    MM-9704 Administrative Interface Order processing > shipments > persistent filter for ‚─˙status>time limit>picking" does not return results.
    MM-6342 Affiliates AFED page has Terms field in wrong position
    MM-8820 Affiliates Customers and Affiliates with empty passwords should not be permitted to log in
    MM-8527 Attribute Templates Edit product, attributes, selecting items that can not be deleted along with ones that can will cause a delete call to be sent for items that cannot be deleted.
    MM-9065 Attribute Templates Attribute templates that are assigned to a product more than once only have their reference count decremented by 1 when the product is deleted
    MM-8763 Automated Tests PackByWeight_MaxWeight input field is not properly rounded to two decimal digits
    MM-8392 Core JSON JSON_Attribute_CopyLinkedTemplate: Reference count on attribute template being copied is not decremented
    MM-8395 Core JSON JSON_UserPrivilegeList should only attempt to load a user's store privileges when a store exists
    MM-8406 Core JSON JSON_Possible and lower level functions should return an error instead of outputting a JSON response error
    MM-8494 Core JSON Maintenance mode IPs are not verified in all scenarios
    MM-8821 Core JSON ProductImage_Upload fails if graphics/ directory does not exist
    MM-9790 Core JSON Using a large amount of custom fields can cause a too many tables error in MySQL / MariaDB
    MM-9802 Core JSON JSON_Array_Coalesce_Integer not wrapping value in int()
    MM-9738 Core JSON Product custom field values are no longer retreived through the Module_Product_Field_Query_Value API
    MM-3089 Core Runtime Runtime: able to create an order with duplicate shipping charges.
    MM-5268 Core Runtime Race condition when adding tax and shipping charge to an order at runtime.
    MM-8101 Core Runtime Inconsistent spelling of Cancelled status on ORDS page
    MM-9201 CSSUI Templates When multiple split payments are in use, the OPAY page incorrectly displays "Entire Order Total" instead of "Remaining Order Total"
    MM-8370 Customers Customer email addresses are truncated to 50 characters, causing login issues if the email address exceeds this length restriction
    MM-9893 Customers PRV_Action_Provision_Store_CustomerAddress_Delete never resets the default shipping / billing IDs for the customer record
    MM-7394 Database Abstraction Layer Failure to decrypt the database password causes a connection to be made without a password
    MM-3866 Database Layer Database columns that store a time_t should use a numeric or native date/time datatype
    MM-3966 Database Layer Index sNN_Baskets_1 on sNN_Baskets should be a unique index
    MM-7792 Database Layer Expired basket deletion with a large number of baskets takes too long
    MM-7957 Database Layer Product list cache population query needlessly joins to inventory tables
    MM-7985 Database Layer Image_Load_File: Case insensitive filename matching leads to inability to use an image with same name but different casing
    MM-8397 Database Layer Store_Delete attempts to delete non-existent sNN_UserPreferences table
    MM-9283 Database Layer Default customer order history list uses an unindexed query on sNN_Orders
    MM-7643 Digital Downloads Digital Downloads: An order item consisting of a digital download should be split into separate order items when the quantity is more than 1
    MM-5456 Discounting Subsystem Shipping discount totals are not updated when recalculating shipping from admin
    MM-5458 Discounting Subsystem "Invisible" tax/shipping charges can impact the discounting process
    MM-5465 Discounting Subsystem Applying or removing a discount from an order removes COD charge
    MM-8845 Discounting Subsystem Discounts get calculated incorrectly for Variant part products when using sum of parts.
    MM-9182 Discounting Subsystem Pre-calculated discount prices ignore exclude for same group exclusions.
    MM-8759 Facets Facet multi-option logic is inconsistent.
    MM-7537 Feeds Template Data Feed: Feed fails to load inactive products using Load Variants checkbox
    MM-7511 Framework Import/Export Frameworks exported with images in the sNN_Images table should be including an Image_Add tag
    MM-7606 Gift Certificates Admin log messages for updating a Gift Certificate show as created.
    MM-7654 Gift Certificates Gift certificate redeemed does not properly set order status.
    MM-7309 MMBatchList Unicode RTL / LTR characters are added to date fields when downloading batchlist CSV data in IE 11 and Edge
    MM-7593 MMBatchList MMBatchLists using sort-only "Display Order" columns are unintentionally sending display order data on insert/update
    MM-7728 MMBatchList MMBatchList: Column names should be entity encoded when output
    MM-7779 MMBatchList Assign lists implementation of delete has the potential for confusion
    MM-8036 MMBatchList MMBatchList should trap errors related to encodeURIComponent and display a nicely formatted error instead
    MM-8815 MMBatchList JS error when scrolling multiple times in a mmbatchlist before the list completes loading
    MM-7777 MMTextEditor Improper layout of the "Find & Replace" Overlay when exiting Fullscreen in MMTextEditor (Source Code)
    MM-7858 MMTextEditor No "Table Overlay" in first column when the Table in MMTextEditor is at the most Left/Right of the Screen
    MM-7861 MMTextEditor Browser freezes then crashes after selecting "Find & Replace" button in Rich Text Editor
    MM-9306 MMTextEditor MMTextEdit, table border set to none prevents the border from being set to anything else.
    MM-9785 Module: afilexprt Export modules that support emailing the exported files need to be sent from the store's email address
    MM-8592 Module: applepay Applepay should not allow cancelation while the order is processing.
    MM-7784 Module: authnet always sends x_description=Miva+Merchant+Order
    MM-8470 Module: authnet Authorize.Net: The wrong card type can be displayed in the Order Payment details in certain scenarios
    MM-8826 Module: authnet Authorize.Net: The wrong card type can be displayed in the Order Payment details when using MivaPay.
    MM-9392 Module: braintree Braintree: Private Key and Confirm Private Key fields are not validated the same
    MM-8401 Module: chasepaytech Chase Paymentech: autocomplete=off is missing on Orbital Password fields
    MM-8509 Module: cmp-cssui-addressbook un-checking customer address as the default still remains as default
    MM-8411 Module: cmp-cssui-cattree ComponentModule_Initialize should hard code a value of 0 when loading the category tree
    MM-7868 Module: cmp-cssui-mivapay UnstoredTokenExpiration is sent in the wrong units
    MM-8035 Module: cmp-cssui-orderlist Order history should display the orders in descending order
    MM-7821 Module: cmp-cssui-prodlist Large numbers of facet values are handled very inefficiently
    MM-7932 Module: cmp-cssui-searchfield CSSUI Search Field: Search Preview Settings: Custom field selections are not saved if they are the only change made when using Advanced Mode
    MM-9827 Module: cmp-cssui-searchfield Advanced mode Calculate Predicted Discounts and Sale Price is not saved unless other settings are also saved
    MM-8491 Module: cmp-cssui-urls cmp-cssui-urls should check api version before calling StoreUIModule_Screen_Secure
    MM-9063 Module: cmp-cssui-uslmltplattr Selection for radio and select options is lost between page loads
    MM-7573 Module: cmp-mv-attributemachine ComponentModule_Prerender should not be attempting to find selected options if l.settings:preload is not set
    MM-8407 Module: cmp-mv-attributemachine ComponentModule_Prerender should initialize the last selected count to 0
    MM-7510 Module: cmp-mv-content Fatal error on template compiled with invalid template code
    MM-7686 Module: cmp-mv-http-headers HTTP Headers: Headers created with a space at the end become uneditable after update to MM9
    MM-7571 Module: cmp-mv-stdcatfields Search preview link does not clear current category.
    MM-7547 Module: cmp-mv-stdshipmentfields Fix invalid tag definition at the start of the module
    MM-5466 Module: cod It is trivially easy to bypass the COD charge
    MM-8743 Module: cod Update sNN_COD.price column
    MM-9476 Module: combofacets The Combination Facets module fails to install when the runtimecombofacets JavaScript resource already exists
    MM-4032 Module: customfields Custom order fields are not populated prior to sending order notification emails
    MM-7439 Module: customfields Clicking enter from an order custom field (text field) does not close the custom fields dialog box
    MM-8351 Module: customfields Custom Fields: Module_Product_Field_Value_Array should not return an array when the fields are empty
    MM-8558 Module: customfields Custom fields, custom field groups are not exported in the Batchlist CSV export.
    MM-9673 Module: customfields Searching multitext custom fields is implemented extremely inefficiently
    MM-8168 Module: devat European VAT: Multiple output encoding issues
    MM-8355 Module: discount_addon Add to basket discount, adds product to basket but doesn't discount it in some cases
    MM-7782 Module: discount_basket Basket Discount: Maximum Discount Amount field references invalid field in FieldError call
    MM-7798 Module: discount_saleprice Module: Specific Sale Price: Duplicate sale price input fields are displayed when a product is assigned to multiple categories
    MM-7819 Module: discount_saleprice Recalculating discounts for specific sale price gets confused when negative basket charges are present
    MM-8115 Module: discount_saleprice Discount_saleprice, sale Pricing tab is not displayed on the product with only the product subscriptions are discounted.
    MM-8142 Module: discount_saleprice Specific sale prices should be allowed to increase the price of an item
    MM-9358 Module: discount_saleprice Specific Sale Price does not distinguish subscription terms in sale price tab group in product edit
    MM-8498 Module: discount_shipping_basket High priority Shipping discount will exclude other discounts even when the basket total is not met
    MM-6374 Module: discount_shipping_product Stacked product-level shipping discounts on the same method are not calculated properly
    MM-7369 Module: discount_shipping_product Modify Shipping Discount (Discounted Products Only) to use the eligibility capability instead of items
    MM-9933 Module: discount_shipping_product Shipping discount (discounted products only) displays fatal eof error when selecting shipping methods that are not always available.
    MM-7591 Module: discount_volume Volume Discount, Absolute price, Basket price is off by $0.01 when product price and absolute price match.
    MM-7796 Module: discount_volume Module: Volume Pricing: Volume pricing table becomes duplicated on products when both the price group and product are assigned to multiple categories
    MM-8044 Module: discount_volume Volume pricing import should allow the import of 0% values.
    MM-7274 Module: endicialabels Endicia labels should support stealth postage.
    MM-7881 Module: flatord Module: Export Orders to Flat File: Custom field values for Order custom fields get exported for all following orders once a value is set
    MM-7504 Module: imagemanagement Image Management: Check for updated images takes too long on large data sets
    MM-8596 Module: imagemanagement Image management, check for updated images should gracefully handle errors when the file is missing.
    MM-9589 Module: imagemanagement ImageManagement_Delete_UnreferencedImages does not work in certain scenarios on MivaSQL
    MM-9594 Module: imagemanagement Module_Notify_Image_Delete fails to be called in certain scenarios
    MM-9845 Module: mailchimp MailChimp does not install properly if the "mailchimp" JavaScript Resource already exists
    MM-7140 Module: marketplaces Marketplaces: Etsy: Syntax error when importing orders
    MM-7429 Module: marketplaces Marketplaces: Google Shopping: Item ID should be made available at runtime to make use of Google remarketing
    MM-7778 Module: marketplaces Marketplaces: Amazon: Unknown field when sorting Amazon Accounts by Country
    MM-7791 Module: marketplaces Runtime error when importing amazon orders from marketplaces if Customer Order Confirmation HTML Email is installed
    MM-7815 Module: marketplaces Marketplaces: Etsy: Product Listing Settings: "When it was Made" drop-down contains invalid values
    MM-7892 Module: marketplaces Marketplaces: eBay: Edit Shipping Policy: Handling time always displays as 0 days
    MM-8405 Module: marketplaces MP_EtsyItemSettings_Delete_ProductID should only call MP_EtsyItemCategory_Delete_Hierarchy when an associated category exists
    MM-7879 Module: mvcanadapost Double clicking continue on OCST causes Canada Post rates to not be displayed.
    MM-4951 Module: mvfedexsoap insured value skews shipping rates when soft goods are in the basket.
    MM-7317 Module: mvfedexsoap There is no way to suppress the InsuredValue tag in rate requests
    MM-7877 Module: mvfedexsoap Double clicking continue on OCST causes FedEx rates to not be displayed.
    MM-7433 Module: mvga When analytics.js becomes blocked the add to basket button does not function
    MM-6511 Module: mvusps USPS Priority size restrictions should be updated.
    MM-7878 Module: mvusps Double clicking continue on OCST causes USPS rates to not be displayed.
    MM-8365 Module: orderworkflow Conditions should include "length(xxx)" entries in the auto-populate dropdown for arrays
    MM-9336 Module: orderworkflow Order workflows, conditions, field cannot be empty error does not get cleared when you set a field value via auto fill.
    MM-3784 Module: packbyquantity Box selection needs to be able to change as it is packing items when excluding boxes smaller than product dimensions is checked
    MM-3785 Module: packbyweight Box selection needs to be able to change as it is packing items when excluding boxes smaller than product dimensions is checked
    MM-3591 Module: paypaladv sNN_PayPalAdvTokens column is too long for MivaSQL
    MM-4436 Module: productimport Importing products should support multiple attribute templates at a time
    MM-7919 Module: ptbship Editing a table to show a redundant ceiling does not display error
    MM-7899 Module: readytheme ReadyTheme: Product Listings: Product links do not honor "Do Not Include Category Code" setting at runtime
    MM-9964 Module: readytheme ReadyTheme: ModuleProvisionStore_xxx_Update error when the Code value changes case
    MM-8404 Module: report_productsales Temporary table created with column "orderdate" should match the orderdate column type on sNN_Orders
    MM-8403 Module: report_sales Temporary table created with column "orderdate" should match the orderdate column type on sNN_Orders
    MM-8380 Module: report_subscription_stats Subscriptions Statistics Report: Subscription terms set to indefinite do not count as active unless processed within time frame
    MM-7603 Module: reviewbaskets Review baskets, deleting baskets from the batchlist causes orphaned basket records on all other basket tables.
    MM-9117 Module: square Capturing payment after 6 days fails but returns 200
    MM-9137 Module: square Square backend changes have broken capture
    MM-7789 Module: statetax Changing a state code results in a "State Not Found" entry in the state tax list
    MM-7595 Module: stdfacets Case insensitive attribute option prompts can lead to loss of facet selection
    MM-7619 Module: stdfacets Fatal error at runtime search when square brackets "[]" are present in Facet codes
    MM-7810 Module: stdfacets Standard Facets: Incorrect facet value count is returned
    MM-7943 Module: stdfacets Facet Rules: Facet Display Names do not work properly in Standard Facets
    MM-7909 Module: stdschtasks Standard Scheduled Task: Import: The file being imported should not be accessible during import
    MM-8575 Module: stwizard StoreWizardModule_Validate returns 1 even when the sub-module Module_Wizard_Validate function fails
    MM-4427 Module: templatebatchreports Template based batch reports do not properly encode "product-info" information
    MM-8107 Module: templatebatchreports Shipment picklist gets the wrong part product when an attribute template is linked multiple times to a product.
    MM-8261 Module: templatefeed Template Based Feed: Product variant feeds does not load all products when "All" is selected.
    MM-8292 Module: templatefeed Template Based Feed: Custom product, category, and customer fields that have the same code in multiple modules causes incorrect behavior
    MM-7498 Module: templateorderemails TemplateOrderEmailXxxx_Load() calls could be eliminated
    MM-7615 Module: templateorderemails Abandoned basket emails do not get sent for abandoned customer baskets
    MM-7865 Module: templateorderemails Template Based Emails: Add / edit email dialog spells "Etsy" wrong
    MM-8848 Module: tokenlist Tokenlist can not find variables on the page when called with mvtj.
    MM-7876 Module: upsxml Double clicking continue on OCST causes UPS rates to not be displayed.
    MM-9279 Module: variantimport Variant Import: Attribute / options are not validated properly in certain scenarios
    MM-3514 Module: vat Generic VAT: Add configuration option to tax shipping charges
    MM-7920 Module: wtbship Editing a table to show a redundant ceiling does not display error
    MM-7621 Payment Available payment methods are not loaded when viewing the add product screen.
    MM-7869 Payment UnstoredTokenExpiration for MivaPay transactions in admin is sent in the wrong units
    MM-8223 Payment Order Payment Cards are not deleted from MivaPay when the card is deleted from the store
    MM-8256 Price Groups Price Groups: Batchlist: CSV download does not populate the "TYPE" column when downloaded
    MM-2652 Provisioning Order_Add: Dummy basket created for CalculateCharges does not include variant_id
    MM-7745 Provisioning Provisioning: Adding a gift certificate product to an order does not generate a gift certificate record
    MM-7940 Provisioning Product_Update: Comparision of codes should be done in a case insensitive fashion
    MM-7986 Provisioning PRV_Order_Item_OptionList needs to set the order option attribute template attribute id
    MM-7987 Provisioning PRV_Order_Item_OptionList does not properly handle Attribute Templates in certain scenarios
    MM-8384 Provisioning Provisioning allows payment cards to be retained for zero days.
    MM-8452 Provisioning Customer_Update: Comparison of codes should be done in a case insensitive fashion
    MM-9107 Provisioning Provisioning, ProductAttributeOption_Update does not update the code field properly.
    MM-9511 Provisioning ScheduledTask_Add and ScheduledTask_Update do not allow explicitly setting Trigger to an empty string
    MM-6815 Reporting Subsystem Main screen reports should be generated via scheduled tasks, rather than on page hit
    MM-8329 Reporting Subsystem CSV export of report data does not fully implement RFC 4180
    MM-8408 Reporting Subsystem MMCanvasChart throws a JavaScript error on empty datasets
    MM-8417 Reporting Subsystem MMCanvasChart does not scale small decimal values correctly
    MM-8396 Scheduled Tasks ScheduledTasks_Spawn_AsynchronousTask should verify a store is opened before attempting to run scheduled tasks
    MM-9506 Scheduled Tasks Failure of a scheduled task that puts the store in maintenance mode leaves the store permanently in maintenance mode
    MM-7577 Shipping/Packaging Rules ZPL Preview: Graph Box does not check against valid color values
    MM-7578 Shipping/Packaging Rules ZPL Preview: SVG drawn barcodes with 270 degree rotation are not positioned correctly
    MM-7579 Shipping/Packaging Rules ZPL Preview: Barcode 128 can generate invalid mod check entry
    MM-7787 Shipping/Packaging Rules Shipping Method Rules: sNN_AvailGroupXShippingMethod / sNN_ProductShippingMethods tables not updated when a shipping method is renamed
    MM-8120 Shipping/Packaging Rules Product variants should inherit master products shipping rules (exclude all unless permitted)
    MM-7203 Subscriptions Orders should not allow the splitting of subscription items
    MM-7630 Subscriptions ProductSubscriptionTerm_Add, invalid value for term error is returned when the term tag is not present.
    MM-7701 Subscriptions CSUB is not updated from framework when Cancelled Subscription Settings set to Hide
    MM-8371 Subscriptions Subscriptions batch list, Process button should have a confirmation pop-up to prevent accidental orders.
    MM-8438 Subscriptions JS error when attempting to validate an attribute on the Customer Subscription Add / Edit Dialog
    MM-8605 Subscriptions Subscriptions, specific dates annually, next order date is always set to the first date of the next year.
    MM-9237 Subscriptions Subscriptions, subscriptionfields, Display Estimated Shipping Charges does not account for product discounts.
    MM-8617 Subscriptions Basket still exists after failing to process a subscription based order
    MM-8506 Template Import/Export Page List: Template Import/Export: Importing / Exporting multiple pages will send off all requests simultaneously
    MM-7805 Template Subsystem Template Subsystem: CommonComponentFields_Initialize_xxx_CustomField_M oduleList_Load doesn't set the :skip flag and breaks backwards compatability
    MM-8548 Template Subsystem JavaScript / CSS Resources have incorrect cache busting behavior for absolute file paths with "local" resource types
    MM-9052 Template Subsystem JSON_Item_Delete allows items assigned to one or more pages to be deleted
    MM-9525 Template Subsystem EnsurePathPermissions doesn't work... at all
    MM-9938 Template Subsystem Multiple Template Manager JSON functions do not properly handle Local File resources with absolute paths
    MM-2537 Upgrade Subsystem Upgrade system does not properly handle patchprogress/patchstepprogress database errors
    MM-3594 Upgrade Subsystem Patch prerequisite errors result in an empty error message being displayed to the user
    MM-9284 Upsale Runtime_UpsoldProductList_Load_Basket_Eligible inefficiently loads all records from sNN_UpsellXProduct to determine if a product has required products
    MM-8157 Wish Lists Add all to basket button from wish list stops half way if any items are out of stock.
    MM-9432 Wish Lists Products added to the basket from the wish list should group with similar product added to the basket from PROD.
    Brennan Heyde
    VP Product
    Miva, Inc.
    [email protected]

    What date does the 90-day "countdown" start on? The update button appeared in admin screens yesterday. That would put the last day to update before the non-compliance period starts at Monday, December 21, 2020.
    Leslie Kirk
    Miva Certified Developer
    Miva Merchant Specialist since 1997
    Previously of Webs Your Way
    (aka Leslie Nord leslienord)

    Email me: [email protected]

    Follow me: Twitter | Facebook | FourSquare | Pinterest | Flickr


      That is correct; Rick's statement is in this post
      David Hubbard
      [email protected]


        Miva 10.00.01 is now available. Below are the release notes:

        Bugs Fixed

        MM-10061: Administrative Interface: Pack Data Files won't always keep you on the same page
        MM-10062: Administrative Interface: MMNotifications are not showing up on the Dashboard screen
        MM-10064: Utility Library: Specific JPGs for User Icons fail to upload
        MM-10093: Patches: After update to mm10, shadows v1.0.5 is still displayed in admin under frameworks.
        MM-10094: Core JSON: The From address in the support tickets emails is incorrectly configured
        MM-10096: Module: readytheme: ReadyTheme: Inactive Navigation Set Items are displayed at runtime
        MM-10100: Patches: Patch needs to trigger the ReadyTheme Navigation Set scheduled task
        MM-10101: Administrative Interface: Incorrect spelling of Utilities in the main Settings menu
        MM-10107: Patches: Template history is not visible after upgrade to 10.00.00
        MM-10111: Facets: Add a Facet Name column to the Facet Rules list
        MM-10135: Price Groups: Basket discount coupons are removed from the basket during checkout
        Brennan Heyde
        VP Product
        Miva, Inc.
        [email protected]


          Miva 10.0002 is now available. Below are the release notes:

          Bugs Fixed

          MM-10136: Module: paypalcp: Module is missing production credentials for onboarding API calls
          MM-10137: Module: discount_volume: discount_volume item does not properly initialize pricing table when loading product by ID
          MM-10148: Module: mvfedexsoap: Invalid Shipping Method when Recalculating Shipping in admin
          MM-10138: Facets: Add a Facet Name column to the Category Facet Rules list
          MM-10139: Module: paypalcp: PayPal CP - Customer Credit Banner Item is missing from ORDL
          MM-10140: Facets: The Facet Rules Priority dialog should display the Facet Name
          MM-10151: Core Runtime: Modules that dynamically update the Action parameter do not function properly (paypalpro)
          MM-10152: Module: readytheme: ReadyTheme Navigation Set Items contain an empty array of child items even when no child items exist
          MM-10157: Patches: Shoppers are unable to return to INVC during PayPal checkout in newly-created stores using the Shadows framework
          MM-10159: Module: mvfedexsoap: No SmartPost methods are returned for weights under 1lb
          MM-10161: Shadows Framework: Shadows Framework needs to be updated due to multiple entity encoding issues

          Rick Wilson
          Miva, Inc.
          [email protected]


            in the catalog admin , how can I hide digital downloads, attribute facets and attribute facet options,
            We do not use digital downloads or attributes. I want them off so my data entry staff are not confused by them.


              kayakbabe We've never had the ability to "hide" navigation tabs, however you an re-sort their order by long clicking on any of them to bring up the sorting screen:

              Brennan Heyde
              VP Product
              Miva, Inc.
              [email protected]


                I don't believe the PA-DSS checklist email is working properly. I upgraded to Miva10 within hours of being notified it was available. Today is the first time I was emailed a checklist, which, I believe is due to the fact that I reset my website statistics. I do this on the 1st or 2nd of every month. Why do we have to have this when we don't process payments through the website? I got sick & tired of the PA-DSS issues years ago screwing up my inventory by selecting items along with bots misusing my website so I switched to Paypal and Amazon Pay to let them worry about the issues. Even when I reset my statistics at the beginning of October, I never got one of these emails, yet they are supposed to be going out weekly?

                Kathleen Steimle-Hermes
                , owner
                Miss Kate's Creations
                [email protected]

                Handcrafted fabric covered photo albums, frames, brag books and MORE


                  How long ago did you update to 10? The PA-DSS email was not triggered because you reset your website statistics. The first email should have been sent about 30 days after you upgraded and it should happen about every week from now on. In addition, the PA-DSS checklist has nothing to do with inventory or anything like that. If you are having issues you can open a support ticket and the support team can take a closer look at everything.
                  David Carver
                  Miva, Inc. | Software Developer


                    Miva 10.00.03 is now available. Below are the Release Notes:

                    Bugs Fixed
                    MM-10048 Template Subsystem When multiple branches exist, assigning, unassigning and then reassigning an item to a page results in invalid template_id values in non-working branch page settings
                    MM-10164 Core Runtime Shadows Runtime: losing track of the current quantity in BASK screen
                    MM-10179 Module: stdschtasks Pre-Calculate Discount Prices task improperly calculates customer specific discounts and creates a large number of entries in sNN_DiscountSignatureXPriceGroup
                    MM-10180 Module: cmp-cssui-custfields Address Validation: Multiple address records being set when choosing a validated address and 'same as xxx' checked
                    MM-10186 Administrative Interface SQL error when viewing Business Account: orders tab.
                    MM-10187 Attribute Templates Inventory kit builder, batchlist does not display Binary attribute template options correctly.
                    MM-10189 Framework Import/Export Frameworks saved while in a non-primary branch cannot be applied.
                    MM-10190 Module: orderworkflow Order Workflows - JavaScript Error is preventing Update Button from Saving Changes
                    MM-10193 Module: marketplaces Amazon Marketplaces: Order shipment updates fail on Endicia tracking types
                    MM-10199 Module: cmp-cssui-prodlist Product List components are not implementing Point + Click settings with framework
                    MM-10201 Module: orderworkflow Order work flows, JS error when saving a workflow that does not set any conditions.
                    MM-10202 Module: square Square Token Refresh scheduled task causes empty payment credential update notification email to be sent.
                    MM-10205 JSON API Order Notes Created via the JSON API are not clickable in v10
                    MM-10206 Module: templatefeed Iterator template saves a serialized version of the iterator_template structure as its source
                    MM-10207 Module: templatefeed Changing to category or customer mode for templatefeed breaks the item for that page
                    MM-10210 Template Subsystem Original page template is blank when creating a store in MM10
                    MM-10222 Module: marketplaces Marketplaces: Amazon: Orders fail to import when using PostgreSQL
                    MM-10223 Module: readytheme ReadyTheme Function 'Load_Image' no longer works in Miva 10
                    MM-10225 Administrative Interface Transactions Batch List Date column is displaying the order date not the Transaction date
                    MM-10226 Template Subsystem JSON_ChangesetChangeList_Load_Query needs additonal tie breakers for the default sort
                    MM-10228 Patches mm9_placeholder.png is not included in the standalone patch.
                    MM-10238 Framework Import/Export Framework export will not export images if they're not in the Images table
                    MM-10266 Module: paypalcp Orders are created for declined transactions in some cases
                    MM-10293 Module: discount_saleprice Sale Price fails to assign product to price group when adding a sale price from the batch list
                    MM-10295 Module: discount_saleprice Sale Price custom field list query causes duplicate records in list when using subscription term discounts
                    MM-10304 Module: discount_saleprice Discount sale price should display rounded pricing values
                    MM-9599 Shipping Price Groups Should Validate Qualifying Products when a coupon is applied
                    MM-9996 Discard Amazon-provided PII data when orders are marked as shipped
                    MM-10294 JSON_ProductVariantList_Load_Query should use JSON_AvailableFilter_xxx functions
                    MM-10209 Add Warnings When deleting ReadyTheme Components, CSS and JS
                    MM-10191 PDF Custom Field Type
                    MM-10221 The patch should attempt to re-correlate Category Facet Rule codes
                    MM-10211 The patch should attempt to re-correlate Facet Rule codes
                    Brennan Heyde
                    VP Product
                    Miva, Inc.
                    [email protected]


                      A bug was discovered in 10.00.03 related to template based feeds. The 10.00.03 update has been modified to correct this bug as of 11/6/2020 around 6:00pm PT. If you are installing 10.00.03 after that time, there is nothing you need to do.

                      However if you have already installed 10.00.03 prior to the date above and you have template based feeds created, you will need to take the following manual steps to allow them to work correctly.

                      For each template based feed:

                      1. Change the Mode to the correct mode used by the template (Product, Category, etc)
                      2. Switch back to Advanced Mode
                      3. The previous template feed should now display
                      4. Click Update to Save
                      5. Re-run the feed

                      Brennan Heyde
                      VP Product
                      Miva, Inc.
                      [email protected]


                        I'm working through the template changes listed here:
                        On the CADA, CADE, ACAD , ACED, OCST,
                        There is "New Code For Address Validation - This code goes at the Customer Component below the h2"

                        I want to have the address validation. but long ago we got rid of the h2 and there isn't any part of the template labeled customer component. Where do I insert this new code?


                          Brennan how do we know if the customer's 10.0.3 is the fixed up version of 10.0.3 or not?
                          Colin Puttick
                          Miva Web Developer @ Glendale Designs


                            You may be able to look in the mivadata folder then go into the Merchant5/patches folder and look at the timestamp for the 10_00_03 patch to see when it was installed. If it was before 11/6/2020 around 6:00pm they would have this issue. There was a 2 day window where this problem existed.
                            Brennan Heyde
                            VP Product
                            Miva, Inc.
                            [email protected]


                              Miva 10.00.04 is now available. Below are the release notes:

                              Miva Merchant 10.00.04 Release Notes

                              New Features & Improvements
                              Webhooks now support http basic authentication
                              Volume discount table is now automatically refreshed when selected variant is changed
                              Support for "Address Description" Field during Checkout
                              Weight value is now updated when changing attributes
                              New overselling protection for Inventory at Checkout
                              IP address is now saved with the Order Payments table
                              Additional Logging:
                              • Additional data logging for Administrative accounts
                              • Log before and after values when changing Administrative user email addresses
                              • Log runtime customer actions to the admin activity log
                              • Log authorization failures to the admin activity log
                              Google Analytics Settings and Templates are now versioned and Branch specific as a Managed Property
                              Changeset_Create now save notes in the managed versions so they can be accessed on individual templates
                              Deleting a branch now also deletes copies of the CSS and JS files in the Branch folder
                              Bugs Fixed
                              Bug ID Component Description
                              MM-10363 Administrative Interface Order Overlay: Selecting next/previous order via keyboard arrows no longer works
                              MM-10364 Administrative Interface Disable authentication dialog has authentication misspelled.
                              MM-10346 Administrative Interface JS error when opening an order from the order history dialog.
                              MM-10306 Administrative Interface Blank error message returned when creating a branch fails to copy a template.
                              MM-10319 Administrative Interface Cannot Add Category from the Edit Product Screen
                              MM-10162 Administrative Interface Remove the word Experimental from Combined and Minified JS setting
                              MM-10252 Administrative Interface Additional data logging for Administrative accounts
                              MM-10253 Administrative Interface Log before and after values when changing Administrative user email addresses
                              MM-10261 Administrative Interface Remove mivastats logging
                              MM-10297 Administrative Interface Hover on Tags under User Interface has the wrong Alt/Title text
                              MM-10343 Administrative Interface Selecting a Variant in the Order Item Add Dialog no longer sets the Variant SKU
                              MM-9894 Core Runtime Add Support for "Address Description" Field to Checkout
                              MM-10290 Customers Customer credit can no longer be adjusted with a negative value
                              MM-10287 Customers Shop As Customer does not correctly pass the tax-exempt flag
                              MM-10254 Customers Log runtime customer actions to the admin activity log
                              MM-10257 Database Layer Add "ip" column to sNN_OrderPayments
                              MM-10233 Discounting Subsystem Specific sale price discount that increases the price of a product can oscillate between discounting and not discounting with certain prices
                              MM-7660 Discounting Subsystem Basket subtotal qualifications do not take into account basket-level discounts
                              MM-10314 Discounting Subsystem Coupons with 2 or more pice groups assigned do not correctly apply the groups
                              MM-10241 Framework Import/Export NTFD page does not get default 404 http header record on store creation or default framework application.
                              MM-9344 Inventory Subsystem Overselling protection for Inventory at Checkout
                              MM-10259 JSON API Add specific log messages for Provision_Domain and Provision_Store when denying a request due to token characteristics
                              MM-10305 MMList MMList: Navigation columns assume column nodes are HTMLElements
                              MM-10333 Module: cmp-cssui-mivapay Template compilation validation should return instead of assigning response to null variable
                              MM-10296 Module: cmp-mv-attributemachine Attribute machine, swatch images don't load when initial attribute state is set to "do not preload".
                              MM-10243 Module: cmp-mv-attributemachine Allow weight to be updated when changing attributes
                              MM-10317 Module: devat Devat no longer calculates negative tax values when sending to non-taxes countries.
                              MM-10232 Module: discount_costmarkup Discount: Markup from cost does not correctly use variant pricing.
                              MM-10017 Module: discount_shipping_product Shipping discount (discounted products only) applies discount differently in DiscountModule_Discount_ShippingMethodList vs DiscountModule_Discount_Shipping
                              MM-10344 Module: discount_volume Volume discount is not removed after editing quantity on BASK
                              MM-10322 Module: discount_volume Rounding of percentage-based volume discounts differs in runtime and admin
                              MM-10244 Module: discount_volume Refresh volume discount table when selected variant is changed
                              MM-10183 Module: mvga Google Analytics settings and templates should be branch versioned
                              MM-8555 Module: mvga Product List Clicks are not reporting correctly in Enhanced mode
                              MM-10367 Module: mvga Google analytics, universal enhanced ecommerce, related product lists clicks never update.
                              MM-10345 Module: mvga INVC screen loses relevant data when Google Analytics is installed
                              MM-10246 Module: orderworkflow Add support for HTTP Basic Authentication for WebHooks
                              MM-10327 Module: paypalcp PayPal Phone number is not being set on PayPal Commerce Platform transactions
                              MM-10368 Module: paypalcp Add Miva Partner code to JavaScript SDK tag
                              MM-10353 Module: paypalcp PayPal Credit buttons do not show if Credit Card Processing is not enabled
                              MM-10045 Module: quote Quote status has not changed upon refreshing when Quote has been sent and item has been Modified
                              MM-10308 Module: quote JSON_QuoteCustomFieldList_Load_Query references incorrect database view
                              MM-10309 Module: quote QuoteConfiguration_Load references incorrect database view
                              MM-9966 Module: readytheme ReadyTheme: Banner Add / Update Provisioning: Description should be a required field
                              MM-10320 Module: readytheme ReadyTheme: Load_NavigationSet mvt:item function no longer populates the :navigationtiems structure
                              MM-10310 Module: upsdevkit UPS Developer Kit Registration Wizard does not properly pre-populate the Store URL
                              MM-10316 Module: reviewbaskets Orders Created in Admin via Review Baskets don't properly track Source and Source ID
                              MM-10331 Patches Error when updating a PostgreSQL store to 10.00.04
                              MM-10313 Patches Template feed managed template should have their item_ids set properly
                              MM-10260 Payment Log authorization failures to the admin activity log
                              MM-10234 Price Groups Price groups assigned to a basket via template code get removed after a coupon is applied.
                              MM-10324 Provisioning PRV_LogMessage, PRV_LogParseError, and PRV_LogError create a data file based on a global variable
                              MM-10315 Subscriptions Edit order, Add subscription dialog does not set the product sku field.
                              MM-10307 Subscriptions JSON_BaseSubscription_With_Query outputs "address_addr" twice, both times incorrectly
                              MM-10341 Template Subsystem Changeset_Create does not save notes in the managed versions
                              MM-10050 Template Subsystem Deleting a branch orphans CSS and JavaScript resource files
                              MM-10053 Template Subsystem JSON_PageItem_Update_Assigned_LowLevel returns 1 rather than a JSON response when the assignment state is the same as specified
                              MM-10340 Template Subsystem Merging Changesets applies changesets in the wrong order

                              Customer Impact

                              Important: MM-7660 changes how the basket subtotal qualification works for Price Groups. Prior to 10.00.04 the basket subtotal did not include any order level discounts. As of 10.00.04 any order level discounts are included in the basket subtotal qualification calculation. The result of this is that if merchants set a basket subtotal of $100, the customer must have $100 of product in their cart after any order level discounts applied where before any discounts were excluded from the calculation.
                              Brennan Heyde
                              VP Product
                              Miva, Inc.
                              [email protected]