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An Evolutionary Leap In The Miva Platform.

Seize every opportunity, keep your team agile, and dazzle customers every step of the way.

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Built to help you do what you do best.

As the latest release of the Miva ecommerce platform, Miva 10 is built to empower store owners, developers, and operations teams to streamline development, speed time to market, support customers, and drive meaningful growth.

Store Owners
& Executives

Developers & IT

Sales, Marketing
& Operations

& Buyers

A flexible and adaptable ecommerce platform that evolves with your business to drive revenue growth.

Stay Agile. Seize Every Opportunity.

Ecommerce moves fast–Miva 10 lets you move faster. Make changes to your store quickly, seize opportunities as they come, react to market changes, and stay ahead of the curve.

Enhanced Developer Workflows Bring your ideas to life faster.

Miva 10 introduces a new level of agility for developers, store owners, and marketing teams. Developers can now create a faster and more accurate developer workflow for seamless and confident collaboration, improved version control, better testing environments, and easier launches.

See your visions for site enhancements go from prototype to production and launch faster than ever before. Stay agile and ahead of the competition with the ability to pivot quickly, bring new ideas to life, test with accuracy, and launch with confidence.

Learn more about Miva 10 Developer Workflows.

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New Admin Panel Work Faster (And Smarter)

Work faster with an intuitive, streamlined admin panel. Miva 10 introduces an ergonomic dashboard designed to simplify everyday store management, put the most important information front and center, and keep your team moving.

With intuitive navigation, fast bulk product editing, easy sorting, and a personalized administrative experience, the new Miva 10 admin panel is lean, clean, and makes running an ecommerce store easier than ever before.

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Powerful New Promotions Promote the way YOU want to.

Drive conversions and engage customers with promotions customized to serve your business' unique needs and support your marketing efforts.

Geographic Restrictions

Explore new ways to reward customers with targeted discounts and product promotions that apply to only regions you choose.

Built-In Promotions

Choose from a variety of different promotion types to refine and enhance your marketing efforts.

Refine and Optimize

Detailed performance reports show you what's working, what isn't, and help inform future promotional efforts.

Shop As Customer & Review Baskets Stop Losing Sales (And Customers)

Miva 10 helps you capture every sale with tools that let you assist customers during checkout, review failed transactions, and follow up with declined shoppers to complete their purchase. Enhance customer support with the ability to see who's shopping on your site and what products they've added to their cart.

Prevent returned orders and frustration. A mistyped address shouldn't cost you a customer. Minimize the revenue loss and reputational damage of a returned shipment with in-checkout address validation.

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Empower Your Team

Free up your development, sales, marketing, and operations personnel to focus on what matters: driving your business forward.

Empowered Development Industry-Leading Developer Tools

Give your development team the tools they need to create the best on-site experience for your customers. With unlimited development environments at the click of a button, developers can quickly and accurately create and test new builds.

Miva 10 makes version control and concurrent development easy with mergeable template branches that support seamless collaboration between multiple developers. A locally-exportable UI lets developers use their favorite tools, promoting faster (and smoother) development, testing, and quality assurance.

Learn more about Miva 10 Developer Workflows.

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Shop As Customer & Failed Transactions Reports Support Your Sales & Customer Service Teams

Miva 10 empowers your teams to assist your customers, empower your teams, and drive sales.

Sales Tracking

Automated sales commission reports streamline the time-consuming and manual process of commission tracking.

Customer Service

Provide excellent and personalized shopper support with the ability to shop as customers and assist them during the purchase process.

Shopper Support

With reports that inform you if a customer's preferred payment method is declined, you can offer support to shoppers that may be having trouble with checkout.

Easy To Learn + Use Interface Lower Overhead Costs

With an intuitive admin panel and improved tools to streamline everyday tasks, Miva 10 cuts down on training time, allowing you to onboard new team members quickly.

Enhance your everyday. Key store management tasks—creating new orders, launching new promotions, and product management—are now at your fingertips and easy to accomplish with a few clicks.

Screenshot of Price Group Exclusions

Dazzle Your Customers

Make every sale count and turn shoppers into loyal customers with an array of features designed to make your store stand out.

More B2B Payment Options
PayPal Checkout
Capture Buyers With An Enhanced Purchasing Experience

Whether you sell B2B, B2C, or both, Miva 10 helps you deliver the ultimate shopping experience. Personalize pricing and availability by individual customer and business account level. Increase sales by offering customers more payment options with payment terms and tax-exempt purchase options.

Upgrading to Miva 10 grants all-inclusive access to the powerful PayPal Checkout. This new tool encourages sales by allowing customers to complete their purchase from any page on your site.

Find out more about PayPal Checkout

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Optimized Ecommerce Theme The Shadows Theme: Excellence by Default

Enhance site performance and accessibility with the fast, responsive, shopper-optimized Shadows theme.

A Foundation for Success: The powerful Shadows theme is now the default framework for new Miva stores.

WCAG + Section 508 Accessibility: The Shadows theme provides the foundation for online sellers to meet accessibility standards.

Next Level Ecommerce: Optimize your online presence with a stunning, intuitive, and responsive ecommerce theme designed to encourage customer engagement and sales.

Animated gif showing a website using the Shadows theme.

Better Customer Experience Go Above and Beyond For Your Customers

Miva 10 empowers store managers, sales teams, and marketers to show customers that they're valued, supported, and understood.


With expanded B2B payment options, failed transaction reports, and the ability to shop as a customer, sales teams are empowered to capture more sales and get the most out of each and every visit.

Customer Support

Customer support teams can react quickly to customer challenges with a bird's-eye view of active shoppers, while the checkout process itself boosts customer confidence and reduces returns with shipping address validation after entry.


With promotional reports and flexibility, marketing teams can analyze the effectiveness of promotions to create better, targeted campaigns that engage and inform customers.

Ready to see it in action? Upgrade your store to Miva 10 today.

Miva 10 is available for install whenever you're ready – just log into your store's admin to download the update. It's recommended that you create a dev store to test out the new interface before installation. For further assistance, please contact Miva support at 800.608.6482

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