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Xtreme Diesel

Xtreme Diesel Performance is the premier B2B and B2C retailer and distributor of quality products that complement Dodge, GM, & Ford diesel pickup trucks.

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Case Studies

Ray O'Herron Company

Learn how Ray O'Herron Company brought their ecommerce vision to life.

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Blackburn Marine Distributing

Blackburn Marine Distributing's old website couldn't keep up with their business. Discover what they did to expand their online presence and grow their sales.

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OSU Beaver Store

OSU Beaver Store's previous ecommerce platform was costing them time, labor, and resources. Learn how they turned it around on their new website.

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The Paper Store

As a specialty gift retailer with 90 brick-and-mortar stores throughout the Northeast, The Paper Store needed a way to bring their unique in-store shopping experience online.

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Xtreme Diesel Performance

In an industry where both looks and performance count, XDP's partnership with Miva provides them with a technology platform ready for higher growth and even more site enhancements.

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Decorative Films

“Miva showed us exactly what we needed from a partner, delivering ease of use and obvious ways to improve efficiency while streamlining backend processes.”

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Complex Retail

Moving beyond "plug & play" to true custom integration.

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Clint Pharmaceuticals

“Miva has proven to be more than an excellent ecommerce platform – they're a trusted strategic partner and a vital contributor to Clint Pharmaceuticals' business model and sales strategy.”

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Essential Depot

“We feel like we have this sports car and we're finally on the freeway. It's doing everything we want, and we have the ability to supercharge the engine to fit our needs.”

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Crown Automotive

“We were looking for Ecommerce features that would accommodate B2B business needs; I see Miva handling Crown's future growth without any issue at all.”

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Marketview Liquor

“Our conversion rate jumped right out of the gate. It went from 1.75% to 2.14% immediately.”

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Oliver + S

“Miva gives us complete flexibility in terms of design and allows a much better degree of integration with other website elements under a single domain name.”

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Lotus Sculpture

“With Miva, I'm able to fully implement the vision I have for Lotus Sculpture. I'm an extraordinarily fortunate person who is living his dream each day.”

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