The Paper Store

As a specialty gift retailer with 90 brick-and-mortar stores throughout the Northeast, The Paper Store needed a way to bring their unique in-store shopping experience online. This meant having the ability to extend promotions to the digital space, showcase their extensive product catalog, and encourage product discovery.

Here's how Miva helped them do it.

The Results




A hodgepodge of solutions restricted ecommerce growth.

Before moving exclusively to the Miva ecommerce platform, The Paper Store used multiple software solutions that had to be integrated to create their ecommerce experience. This combination of solutions was clunky, unreliable, and unsustainable. It caused significant data silo challenges and forced them to operate in multiple admin interfaces, increasing points of failure across their systems.

Without the support of a comprehensive ecommerce solution, The Paper Store's promotional capabilities were extremely restricted. They struggled with limited product setup features, unable to effectively showcase their unique product catalog.



“We were looking for a long-term, strategic partner that could provide The Paper Store with a flexible and scalable ecommerce solution, allowing us to pivot as needed. The Paper Store has found this with Miva.”

Josh Pinsonneault
Manager, Ecommerce | The Paper Store

Streamlining operations and creating a seamless, omni-channel shopping experience.

The Paper Store started the search for an ecommerce platform and partner that could better support their online store, vision, and growth goals. The Paper Store reviewed several platforms before making the decision to move exclusively to Miva. "What really set Miva apart from the off-the-shelf ecommerce platforms we considered was the flexibility, value, and scalability of their platform," says Pinsonneault.

“Miva has given us the flexibility to grow our ecommerce business without the need for an in-house development team.”

The move to Miva helped The Paper Store establish a single, reliable point of integration between their merchandise environment and their OMS. The Paper Store reports that this has eliminated many potential points of failure, keeping their data up-to-date and their systems in sync. "One of the best advantages of Miva is their partnership and best practice assistance," says Pinsonneault, "Their team shows true understanding of our business and treats it as their own when thinking of new ways to solve problems and improve our site."



“The ability to automate product imports has given us back the time we spent manually updating each product, improving both efficiency and product integrity.”

More sessions. More conversions. Double-digit revenue growth.


Session Duration

With dozens of successful brick-and-mortar stores, a thriving ecommerce business, and over 3,000 employees throughout the Northeast, The Paper Store works diligently to offer each guest an exemplary shopping experience in which they can find a unique gift for any occasion.

Since relaunching their site in October of 2018, The Paper Store has seen an 8.5% boost in average session duration and a 9% increase in total site conversions.

With Miva's page build functionality, The Paper Store now has the flexibility to quickly produce custom landing pages, creating immersive customer experiences as needed.

“Our team does not need to have coding skills to quickly stand up a landing page experience that is best in class.”

This has improved the navigability and effectiveness of The Paper Store's entire website. Their marketing team is now more agile than ever and is equipped to take full advantage of promotional opportunities as they come.

With this agility, The Paper Store is now able to replicate their in-store promotions and experience online, creating a seamless and delightful omni-channel experience for their customers.

The result? More sales, more conversions, and a community of delighted customers.



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