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Merchant Story OSU Beaver Store

OSU Beaver Store, the official store for Oregon State University, needed a faster and more efficient way to launch promotions on their website. Erik Anderson, General Merchandise Manager at OSU Beaver Store, shares how the company uses Miva to quickly execute online promotions in-house and create a seamless experience with their physical store, saving them time, labor, and resources in the process. To learn more, watch the video to the right or read the transcript below.

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OSU Beaver Store faced some big challenges when selling online.

Our ecommerce platform before Miva was...challenging. It took us a lot of time to develop and implement promotions and strategies in the ecommerce chain. We would come up with these promotions that we could execute seamlessly in store...and realize we couldn't execute them online."

Man looking at screen with code.

They knew it was time for a change.

We used to have to reach out to our ecommerce provider to have [online promotions] developed, to have that coded and as a retailer, that's a huge challenge...and a point of frustration that took extra time and labor to overcome."

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OSU Beaver Store saved time, money, and work by creating a more seamless experience.

Since we've partnered with Miva, we've had the opportunity to implement a variety of promotions quickly. As an example, a simple buy one, get one free...a simple, buy one, get one half off. These promotions that we used to want to be able to promote we couldn't [execute them] without contacting our third-party vendor and asking them for development. That takes time, that takes energy, and that takes labor. All of those are savings to a retailer and we're no different.

The ability to execute [promotions] in house, in a timely manner, and now having them match our brick-and-mortar just a seamless experience for the customer."

Screenshot of OSU Beaver Store storefront.

Gaining control of their online experience was just the beginning.

Miva gave us the opportunity to gain insight with promotions that we could execute internally as a team. Since we've launched Miva, we've had our online business grow by 16% in a year-over-year comparison.

However, what that doesn't include is the time and labor savings on our end. The ability to execute these [promotions] seamlessly without contacting a third-party developer saves a ton of time, and has actually added five points of margin to our business."

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This is what they learned in growing their business.

My advice to anybody else looking to grow their ecommerce business do your homework but do it in a timely and efficient manner. We waited too long, to be frank, and I'm glad that we found a partner in Miva who can make everything that we've asked for come to life...and we couldn't be happier with the results.

We all have a vision about what our business should look like. Find that partner, and allow them to help you grow your business."

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