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Miva's custom B2B features and functional integration with NetSuite ERP meet the complex legal, and operational demands of an omni-channel B2B business.


Meet the complex legal & technical requirements of healthcare ecommerce while delivering world class customer experience.

Clint Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a national distributor of pharmaceutical drugs and medical supplies, with a diverse range of customers including thousands of doctor's offices, pain management centers, and sports clinics.

To manage the growing complexities in pharmaceutical distribution, including more stringent purchasing agreements with suppliers and the pricing needs of group purchasing organizations, the company needed a complete systems overhaul. In addition to driving sales and offering a premium customer experience, a fundamental system requirement was FDA compliant tracking of all pharmaceuticals from manufacturing to their ultimate consumption at the dispenser level – not feasible via Clint's 15-year-old legacy proprietary ERP system.

As a vital precursor to this system, Clint determined that the development of an ecommerce strategy would be foundational for its new operational and sales strategy.

Clint chose Miva for its flexible site design capabilities and B2B features, which allowed for a creative blend of B2C design with additional shopping cart and order fulfillment workflows that delivered a seamless omni-channel experience for the company's B2B medical clients.

Miva has proven to be more than an excellent ecommerce platform – they're a trusted strategic partner and a vital contributor to Clint Pharmaceuticals' business model and sales strategy.

Clint Ebel |
Director of Operations, Clint Pharmaceuticals


Customer-first ecommerce driven by purpose-built B2B features.

The most important element of Clint Pharmaceuticals' new site is a seamless, highly personalized customer experience, an essential component of Clint's sales process – regardless of how each customer prefers to shop. Upon examining the unique needs of the broad customer base, Miva Professional Services created a comprehensive suite of custom features that maximized customer satisfaction and successful transactions.

Functional developments included a sophisticated pricing model, enhancements to product categorization, sales orders, shipping quotes, and payments, and retention of all order history in Miva. Miva's Pro Services team delivered effective and elegant solutions to Clint's unique design and functional considerations.

Unlock the power of Netsuite ERP with fully-integrated ecommerce.

With a powerful ecommerce strategy now in place, began the selection and integration of an ERP system, ultimately choosing NetSuite.

During implementation, the team built a direct web-services API integration between Miva and NetSuite, that allowed the two systems to function together as a seamless enterprise structure.

The professionalism and skill of the Miva team are unparalleled in our experience. As importantly, Miva engenders a client-focused culture that is inviting and contagious. Working with the Miva organization has been a delight and a privilege for the Clint Pharmaceuticals team.

Doug Blumhardt |
Digital Consultant for Clint Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Building a strong foundation With Miva: an enduring strategic partnership.

Three years after initial launch, the Miva platform has proven to be an outstanding choice for Clint Pharmaceuticals. By offering the flexibility to create unique, personalized B2B purchasing experiences with the reliability of a stable, cloud-based SaaS solution, Miva has set the standard for modern commerce. Custom ecommerce functionality conceived by Miva Professional Services laid the groundwork for key enhancements to Clint's use of the NetSuite ERP system, and then helped functionally integrate these processes into Miva via web services APIs.

With Miva as a partner, and now equipped with an FDA compliant, omni-channel commerce solution, Clint Pharmaceuticals continues to scale sales and streamline operations while offering a premium customer experience to its growing list of satisfied clients.

Screenshot of Clint Pharmaceuticals website home page, on a Macbook Pro laptop.

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