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A New Level of Agility for Miva Developers

Enhanced developer environments, QA, deployment, and workflows.

Unlimited Developer Environments

With Miva 10, developers can create and build in unlimited developer environments, copy a live site in just a few clicks, and test new features without affecting the production environment.

This latest release of the Miva ecommerce platform gives developers access to a complete history of every change made across all environments, encouraging accurate and efficient collaborative development.

Screenshot of test environement being selected.

Enhanced QA & Review Functionality

Miva 10 enables QA across any device, empowering devs and quality teams to work anywhere and with their preferred tools. Reviewers can preview changes before pushing them live and easily share these previews with anyone who needs visibility before publication.

Screenshot of previewing a redesign.

Easy and Agile Code Deployment

Copy, merge, and swap development environments with ease. With the ability to quickly push code from staging and development into production and easily undo changes if there is an issue, Miva 10 helps developer teams work, fix, and publish with confidence.

Screenshot of Copy Branch interface.

Better Development Workflow, Version Control, and Collaboration

Miva 10 supports seamless collaboration by enabling development teams to work on the same site simultaneously. Developers can now work the way they want with the ability to integrate with their preferred build/deployment tools and export all templates in use to local files.

With the new Command Line tool that allows developers to push and pull code to any environment and the ability to sync code with any version control system, Miva 10 makes it easier than ever to produce and manage accurate code.

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Command line code.
Miva 10 Logo

Ready to see it in action? Upgrade your store to Miva 10 today.

Miva 10 is available for install whenever you're ready – just log into your store's admin to download the update. It's recommended that you create a dev store to test out the new interface before installation. For further assistance, please contact Miva support at 800.608.6482

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