New Partner Service Announcement:

buySAFE for MIVA Merchant 5 is here!
Turn shoppers into buyers with buySAFE and get paid to do it!

buySAFE for MIVA Merchant 5 is a FREE end-to-end trust solution for your MIVA store that helps you create more confident shoppers, which results in higher conversion rates and more revenue for you every single month.

Best of all, buySAFE pays you for every transaction that your customers guarantee with a bond from buySAFE, so you generate additional revenue while turning more shoppers into buyers.

The buySAFE for MIVA Merchant 5 module is FREE to download and use. There is no risk, no cost, and no obligation to continue with buySAFE. In fact, buySAFE pays you every single month when your shoppers bond their transactions with buySAFE. Simply put, there is no reason not to use buySAFE on your Website.

[to get the buySAFE module for MIVA Merchant 5, simply run the latest streaming updates for MM5 PR3.]