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Miva 10.08.00 is Now Available

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    Miva 10.08.00 is Now Available

    10.08 Resources (Release Date: 10/31/2023)

    Miva Merchant updates include code and database changes that can take a short time to process. While we thoroughly test all updates to ensure they will not affect up-time it is still a good precaution to run updates outside of peak hours.

    New Features & Improvements
    Version Branching Completion

    The release of version 10.08 updates the Miva admin’s branching capabilities, making them more user friendly by further isolating a store’s live website from branches that are being worked on behind the scenes.

    Using Branches, store owners can add new pages, update old pages or change their entire website without any kind of impact to their production site, and more importantly, no impact to customers using their site.

    For additional information on Branching, visit the Branch Isolation release document, and the updated Template Branch document. Version Branching Overview
    Decision Manager Support for Cybersource Payment Module users

    Miva websites can now use CyberSource’s fraud tool, Decision Maker, which allows merchants to set up custom rules for order acceptance, or rejection, based on various data fields. Decision Maker will generate a unique, device fingerprint, for shoppers which will be sent as part of the payment authorization request. Decision Maker uses the created fingerprint to determine if an order is valid or not.

    This, coupled with Merchant Defined Fields, which is custom data the merchant sends to CyberSource with each transaction, helps ensure protection from fraudulent activity.

    There are some template changes that need to be made in order for this to work. You will need to assign the Cybersource item to OPAY. You will also need to add the following to the head tag to output the JS:

    <mvt:item name="cybersource" param="fingerprint" />
    To use Merchant Defined Fields, there are template-level functions to pass any data you want. For example, you would add the following to OPAY. IMPORTANT: The CyberSource item must be assigned to OPAY as noted above.
    <mvt:item name="cybersource" param="MDD( 1, 'hello' )" />
    <mvt:item name="cybersource" param="MDD( 2, 'world' )" />
    reCAPTCHA Validation Disabled by Default Payment Method Rules Entry
    An update within 10.08 introduces the ability for merchants to configure payment methods to either enable or disable reCAPTCHA validation, depending on the payment method chosen by the shopper.

    Specifically, when reCAPTCHA v3 was recently introduced, it caused issues with shopper choosing to use Affirm. Because Affirm is a third party, and because shoppers pay for their purchases through the Affirm website/webapp, it makes reCAPTCHA unnecessary because Affirm has its own fraud prevention tools.
    PII Removed for Orders for Non-Logged In Customers

    The release of 10.08 resolves an issue where Personally Identifiable Information, also known as PII, could be seen, when non-logged in customers looked up orders associated with an email address and zip code. This created a privacy concern.

    Now, for non-logged in users looking up orders, all PII will be removed from the information provided.
    Module Priority Configuration

    Release 10.08 includes a Module Priority Configuration, which allows users to configure a priority value for modules, and modifies database queries that load modules to order them based on priority in descending order.

    Without a priority configuration method, the Miva admin encountered issues when one module depends on another being executed before it.
    Other Changes Include:
    • Added support for HTTP Headers at the Store level
    • Added ability for Business Accounts to be assigned to Coupons
    • PADSS checkup email rescheduled to send every 3 months
    Miva Merchant Bugs Fixed
    Bug ID Component Description
    MM-13109 Administrative Interface Admin Base URL is output unencoded
    MM-13245 Administrative Interface Remove MivaVM_API and MivaVM_Version JS variables
    MM-13270 Administrative Interface Add page dialog, select all keyboard short cut does not work with field inputs
    MM-13271 Administrative Interface Order options in the Edit Item Dialog display discounted prices instead of the base price
    MM-13367 Administrative Interface QR Generation Failed image in Two-Factor Authentication Dialog displays with scrollbars
    MM-13429 Administrative Interface Update PADSS checkup email to send every 3 months
    MM-13436 Administrative Interface Custom Elements should be conditionally defined
    MM-13512 Administrative Interface Remove ability to create support tickets from admin
    MM-13564 Administrative Interface Warn of non-primary working branch when triggering fulfillment modules
    MM-12952 Core JSON JSON_ModuleList_Load_Query should support filtering by feature in the search clause
    MM-13107 Core JSON JSON_Input_Element_Text has incorrect behavior for required flag 'r'
    MM-13116 Core JSON JSON_Input_Text_Array has incorrect behavior for required flag 'r'
    MM-13117 Core JSON JSON_Input_Binary has incorrect behavior for required flag 'r'
    MM-13118 Core JSON JSON_Input_List_Array should not check nullness of values
    MM-13233 Core JSON JSON_AvailableFilter NULL Support
    MM-13267 Core JSON Add Content Management to Universal Search
    MM-13781 Core JSON JSON_Filter_MivaScript should support search_AND and search_OR operations
    MM-12961 Core Runtime Alternate Display Page Linkage by Page Code
    MM-13111 CSSUI cssui_default_fw Runtime Base URL is output unencoded
    MM-13172 CSSUI cssui_default_fw Update ORHL to lookup orders based on Order ID and Billing Email
    MM-12947 Customers Customer Dashboard: Customer Address Behavioral Changes
    MM-13668 Customers Modules that have customer validation errors return a fatal error screen instead of a field error
    MM-13167 Database Layer Module Priority Configuration
    MM-13171 Database Layer All PII should be removed when looking up orders from a non-logged in customer
    MM-13174 Database Layer Order History List should lookup orders in a case insensitive fashion
    MM-13197 Database Layer Runtime_ProductList_Cache_LowLevel sets incorrect error messages when queries fail
    MM-13544 Database Layer Wrap branched operations in a changeset when calling Module_Install_Store and Module_Uninstall_Store
    MM-12964 Digital Downloads Add new API Function Module_Notify_DigitalDownloads_Created
    MM-13566 Feeds Manually processed feeds should execute in the current working branch, with a non-primary warning
    MM-12969 Gift Certificates Add new API Function Module_Notify_GiftCertificates_Created
    MM-11917 MMList MMList - Display Order Manual Sort issues
    MM-12158 MMList MMList: Advanced Search is not reapplied when exiting "Sort" mode
    MM-13373 MMList MMList Assign Lists should support bulk processing
    MM-13168 Module: amazonpay Runtime Base URL is output unencoded
    MM-13320 Module: braintree Braintree should skip Level 2 and 3 line item output the total or unit amount is 0
    MM-13303 Module: chasepaytech Refund on partial capture does not work
    MM-13175 Module: cmp-cssui-vieworder View Order should lookup orders in a case insensitive fashion
    MM-13305 Module: cmp-mv-flex Module_JSON_Changeset_Process_Change_Insert should return 0 when ComponentManager_Apply_Unregistered_Version fails
    MM-13264 Module: cmp-mv-http-headers JSON_HTTPHeader_Insert/Update/Delete should use a lock file based on the page, not the session
    MM-13268 Module: cmp-mv-http-headers Convert JSON_HTTPHeader_Insert/Update/Delete over to use the updated JSON standards
    MM-13155 Module: cmp-mv-prodctgy-meta Branched and versioned Page META Fields
    MM-13219 Module: cmp-mv-prodctgy-meta Module can generate an invalid query in certain circumstances
    MM-13354 Module: cmp-mv-sequence Sequence tab does not suppress the "Update" button
    MM-13546 Module: combofacets Combination Facet Menu Layout template should be purged when a combination facet is deleted
    MM-13156 Module: customfields Branched and versioned Page Custom Fields
    MM-13217 Module: customfields Module can generate an invalid query in certain circumstances
    MM-13387 Module: discount_customerspecific JSON_Customer_ProductPriceList_Load_Query advanced search query error
    MM-13208 Module: discount_saleprice Module can generate an invalid query in certain circumstances
    MM-13254 Module: marketplaces Remove ability to configure Amazon and Etsy Marketplaces
    MM-13547 Module: marketplaces eBay Product Header Footer templates should be purged when deleted
    MM-13386 Module: mvaffirm Add a default Payment Method Rules entry to disable reCAPTCHA validation on module install
    MM-13414 Module: orderworkflow Error when updating Order Workflow Authentication Credentials
    MM-13417 Module: paypalcp PayPal Commerce Platform auth_bootstrap should handle server error messages
    MM-13218 Module: productdata Module can generate an invalid query in certain circumstances
    MM-13557 Module: quote Branch-local Quote Email Configuration
    MM-13565 Module: quote Warn of non-primary working branch when manually sending quote email from admin
    MM-12966 Module: templateorderemails Support new API Function Module_Notify_DigitalDownloads_Created
    MM-12970 Module: templateorderemails Support new API Function Module_Notify_GiftCertificates_Created
    MM-13551 Module: templateorderemails Branch-local creation, deletion, and configuration of Template Based Emails
    MM-13562 Module: templateorderemails Warn of non-primary working branch when manually triggering emails
    MM-13580 Module: templateorderemails Abandoned basket emails can be sent out of order
    MM-13169 Module: tokenlist Token List needs to use DB_Compare_UPPER when searching page codes
    MM-13178 Module: tokenlist Token List needs to use DB_Compare_UPPER when searching template sources
    MM-13509 Page Builder Add ability to open a page in Page Builder via URL parameter
    MM-13272 Payment Add ability for Payment Method Rules to disable reCAPTCHA validation
    MM-13273 Payment Convert JSON_PaymentMethodRules_Update_Method over to use the updated JSON standards
    MM-13315 Payment Convert the Payment Method Rules dialog over to using MMDialog
    MM-13350 Payment Update JSON_PaymentMethodRules_Update_Method validation to match the provisioning PaymentMethodRules_Update tag
    MM-12973 Template Subsystem TemplateManager_Changeset_Record_xxx default notes should include identifying information
    MM-12980 Template Subsystem Expose item reference counts in PageItemList_Load_Query and ItemList_Load_Query
    MM-13131 Template Subsystem Branched Page URI Handling
    MM-13142 Template Subsystem Versioned Page Custom Fields: Core
    MM-13153 Template Subsystem component Feature Modifications for Branched Pages
    MM-13182 Template Subsystem Allow compilation of templates that reference invalid items
    MM-13186 Template Subsystem Item module association by code and loosening of reference counting
    MM-13193 Template Subsystem Managed Template Deletion and Reuse
    MM-13221 Template Subsystem Standardize Soft and Hard Deletion Functions for Versioned Content
    MM-13274 Template Subsystem TemplateManager_Render_Page_LowLevel should copy over all page fields besides settings
    MM-13442 Template Subsystem Template History List is confusingly sorted
    MM-13459 Template Subsystem Copy Page to Another Branch
    MM-13527 Template Subsystem Create helper function to set the current working branch
    MM-13549 Template Subsystem Improve "Page Not Found" error in Admin to indicate deleted / presence on another branch
    MM-13600 Template Subsystem Copy Page Rule reverts to default value after closing / re-opening the dialog
    MM-13601 Template Subsystem Copy page dialog throws a JS error when a user does not have the PAGE add permission
    MM-13657 Template Subsystem JSON_CSS/JavaScriptResource_LinkedPageList_Load_Query needs an additional default sort to break ties
    MM-13800 Upgrade Subsystem Upgrade system should support creating item extensions across all branches
    MM-13802 Upgrade Subsystem Upgrade system should support creating items across all branches
    MM-13393 URI Management URI Generation should not generate URIs for layouts
    MM-13504 URI Management URIs for pages that do not exist on the current branch should be treated as if the URI does not exist
    Shadows Bugs Fixed
    Bug ID Description
    SHDWS-238 Resolve PROD Schema Validation Errors
    SHDWS-347 Runtime Base URL is output unencoded
    SHDWS-361 Update ORHL to lookup orders based on Order ID and Billing Email
    SHDWS-363 ORDS: Order Customer Template should not show any billing / shipping headers or fields when g.Customer_Session_Verified is not set
    SHDWS-370 Contact Us form does not work with reCAPTCHA v3
    SHDWS-375 MMX_Element's web-component life-cycle hooks re-render identical templates
    SHDWS-376 MMX's usage of JSON.parse() should be wrapped in a try...catch
    SHDWS-377 core.css references ReadyThemeIcons.woff without branch prefix
    SHDWS-379 mmx-hero-slider[data-size=auto] sets its mmx-heros to an incorrect size
    SHDWS-381 Resolve recent Storybook errors
    SHDWS-386 Update to Google Analytics 1.1.0
    Brennan Heyde
    VP Product
    Miva, Inc.
    [email protected]