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Need custom calculation module on product page

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    Need custom calculation module on product page

    Hello all,
    We need a custom module (or coding) to do the following on a product template page:

    Outline: Take Emporium Plus's volume pricing module and dimension pricing module, and calculate on screen the final price.

    • Volume Pricing module provides our "base" price for a 2x2" item
    • Anything larger than that, the dimension pricing module adds $0.06 or whatever that products option price is when you add to the basket
    • We need to have a live display on the merchant page so they can see what it will cost before adding to their cart
    • So you'd have a the same/similar options from attributes (could possibly pull SX1 and SX2 attribute/option values from product) display elsewhere on the page
    • Ideally, when someone changes one set the other set changes too (since there will be two drop downs with size in it)
    • We would have two forms since the attributes are half way down our page, but we want to have this "pricing calculator" near top of page

    All the backend is there just need a new way to parse and display data so it is more useful to customers.

    I can send example links to anyone interested who can do this job.

    Re: Need custom calculation module on product page

    I've done a number of projects like this. You can drop me a line by email to discuss the details and figure a price.

    Thanks --
    Kent Multer
    Magic Metal Productions
    * Web developer/designer
    * E-commerce and Miva
    * Author, The Official Miva Web Scripting Book -- available on-line: