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Daily/weekly social media marketer needed for miva store

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    Daily/weekly social media marketer needed for miva store

    Hi everyone,

    I am looking to hire someone to manage our social media postings, especially Facebook, a Blog and Pinterest, Twitter, etc.. Plus would like to start on Google +.

    Looking for someone to post daily to our Facebook page, Pinterest page, and compose a blog post; the content would range from informational to product driven, all with the intention to direct traffic and buzz for our products and have the search engines grab the postings/blog articles for rankings.

    This person would manage the blog, posting blog posts that feature a product with a subject matter that grabs people's interests so they all of a sudden want the item and they learn that "such and such diet is easier to manage when using such and such equipment". Plus the blog to rank higher on search engines for the products. I could provide examples of what my competitors are doing with their blog posts and when searching for the specific name of the product, their blog article comes up on the 1st page of google and of course they have a link in the blog that directs the reader to their store.

    Does anyone offer this type of ongoing service? Or have a referral to someone they use for this?

    Thanks so much!

    Re: Daily/weekly social media marketer needed for miva store

    Julie, I have a colleague who is interested in finding out more about this opportunity. I'm going to send you a PM with her contact information.
    Susan Petracco



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