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Need new Module_Library_DB function to insert a row into my "shipping" table

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  • wajake41
    Still looking for someone to build a insert module for us. We need this for our own self created tables. I'd like it generic so that the table name can be supplied to the function, no need for a unique function for each of our tables.
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  • Bruce - PhosphorMedia
    answered in another thread...

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  • Need new Module_Library_DB function to insert a row into my "shipping" table

    I have this example that adds a row to the s01_BasketCharges table:

    < mvt:assign name="l.basket_charge:basket_id" value="g.Basket:basket_id" />
    < mvt:assign name="l.basket_charge:type" value="'TAX'" />
    < mvt:assign name="l.basket_charge:descrip" value="'Custom Description'" />
    < mvt:assign name="l.basket_charge:amount" value="g.final_tax_calulation" />
    < mvt:assign name="l.basket_charge:disp_amt" value="g.final_tax_calulation" />
    < mvt:assign name="l.basket_charge:tax_exempt" value="0" />
    < mvt:do file="g.Module_Library_DB" name="l.ok" value="BasketCharge_Insert( l.basket_charge )" />

    I would like to modify this code to insert a row into my "shipping" table.
    It appears that I would set a value for each column in my table using the <mvt:assign statement where name = the column name.
    but how should the mvt:do be coded? Will my table have to be added to the g.Module_Library_DB? I would guess so.
    And I'm guessing that the insert function there should be named "shipping_Insert".

    And how do you check the l.ok variable which I'm guessing has the result of the DB function. A 0 or 1 or ?.

    What do I have to do to get a "shipping_Insert" function into the Module_Library_DB?
    Can someone do that for me? I imagine it has to be compiled.

    Thanks, Larry