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  • New Store Backend Setup Miva 9

    I have a Miva Merchant implementation to oversee and although I'm familiar with Merchant and have built several stores from scratch over the years I'm pretty certain that I'd like to never have to create a product import protocol or configure shipping again if I can avoid it. That's where you come in.

    This will be a new store. The front end and interactions (informed by your solutions or implementations of certain functionality we'd like) are being handled by a crack design team.

    The scope of the project is thus -

    New Miva 9 Store
    Based on export formats provided by previous vendor, establish protocol for customer (and potentially order) import.
    Based on export formats provided by previous vendor, establish protocol for bulk product import. Customer will construct the matrix once the custom fields, etc are normalized (i.e. the reciprocal fields for data we want to keep exist in our miva store).
    Setup Custom fields representing part numbers for different distributors.
    Setup custom fields for displaying data in matrix - either a repeatable CUSTOMKEY: CUSTOMVALUE pair of fields, or 7 specific key-value pairs eg: height, rating, manufacturer etc...
    Setup vendor notifications with custom fields and email templates - 2 vendors.
    Setup Ajax search plugin for custom fields/variants, most importantly a search by size/type

    If it's easier for you to facilitate the imports yourself, cool. Quote me on that as a line item.

    once the customer imports their products

    Some (3) products are priced based on surface area users select a height and width to determine the price- the existing basic variants seem a bit inelegant for this. Something that uses javascript to calculate a price (i can write this interaction if needed) and then use a variable price module is the likely solution, unless we can teach variants to do maths.
    Configure group pricing/kits.
    Configure 10 new subscription items.
    Shipping configuration - Fedex & UPS- Free Ground, everything else at cost. Products are configured by weight

    As I said, I'm basically hiring someone to do the fun stuff. I have some really talented people who handle front end development for me and outside of potentially streamlining the checkout experience as an additional task, the only real front end stuff has to do with the controls for the custom size product, and ultimately my team can handle that.

    You can reach me at [email protected] or on these boards. Looking for a flat rate or hourly + ballpark estimate of hours.