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My old Miva 4.13 site that is giving me an error writing to basklist.dbf message

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    My old Miva 4.13 site that is giving me an error writing to basklist.dbf message

    My old site has an old Miva 4.13 shopping cart which stopped working and now gives error writing to basklist.dbf message any time someone tries to use it. The error looks like this

    lib/ Line 156: MvADD: Runtime Error: Error writing to 'Merchant3/00000001/basklist.dbf': Please call 1 800 365 5566 or visit where we are are adding our old products.

    I don't need it to do much, just to simply process orders. If I try to pack the data files I get an internal server error message.

    I would be grateful if someone can help.

    Todd Berkun
    [email protected]

    Does the server error message show up as soon as you start to pack - or after a while? If the basket is monster size the server will often time out eventually, if it happens right away (when packing) then its other issues. Same for 'delete old baskets'... When you login via FTP or something, check the file size and see if it looks wacky.

    Also, look in the site's error log and see if you might find a clue there.


      Wow...Jonathan...haven't heard from you in a long time. What, do you have a filter for Merchant Version Less than 4.14:).

      Great to see you still around.
      Bruce Golub
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        HiYa Bruce! You old devil you... I think that you, Leslie and I are just a few of the dinosaurs who still love Miva code (laughing). I never really drank the v5+ kool-aid and still just love playing with old version stores; with the tacit disapproval of the true elders (I sincerely bow to Jon & Rick with respect). Last week I got a major kick out of working on a v3.1 store, just love Miva Script raw code is all... Heck, I still have copies of Koolcat and every succeeding release, and still use Empresa v3.97 on about every site I work on.

        For the OP - there are so many tiny reasons to get that basketfile error... But start with FTP and checking the file size. It its not stupid size (from lack of packing) then it might just be corruption. But how you resolve it can sometimes depend on your level of access to the site & server.


          Thanks everyone for the suggestions - I think I need to come up with something manual, I just don't know what it is.

          I did try reducing the size of the file myself through FTP but it didn't get rid of the message either so something else seems stuck maybe? It still gives me an internal server error when i try to pack the file. I think I've tried packing it many many many times.


            if the basklist file is corrupt is there a basic one I can insert to start somewhere? A clean file I can insert?


              Yes, if the file is corrupt you can upload a blank copy of the file and index file. You have to Pack your files on a regular basis or the file will get to big or will get corrupted during a pack if it fails due to a timeout or some other issue.

              It can also be caused by the StoreKeys file being messed up as well.

              If Leslie is a dinosaur then what am I?
              Thank You,

              Nerd Boy




                While you share dinosauric similarities to us Leslie, you are far from extinct (smile). And yes NBI (Jeff is it?) you are among those still grazing in the fields... heh...


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