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Shadows DE installation and other tasks

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    Shadows DE installation and other tasks

    I think I have finally reached the day when my outdated, and rather basic, web developer skills are no longer good enough. I am in need of some advice on implementing some changes to our development site. Not sure if I should contract Miva support or a third party developer - or both.

    I recently had a development site set up with Shadows 2.0 and now I want to do some basic CSS /javascript modifications. Perhaps install an updated version of the Slick Slider we use in our current Iron and Wool theme - Looking for advice on implementing a slider too, because I don't want to "break" the nice new page load speed that Shadows 2.0 offers.

    It is probable that I need to set up our Miva development site with Shadows DE however, the instructions for installing Shadows DE are absolutely over my head. MMT command line...Gulp file...I just want to change the button colors!

    I did wonder if I could just upload a custom.css file to load after the existing css. Now that I have downloaded the Shadows DE files I can see the uncompiled source css files and could just add a custom CSS file to the combined resource list but I am not sure what this means to page load speed and this barely-understood (by me) gulp function. And SCSS. Not sure about any of that. Websites sure are complicated now, aren't they?

    I would also like to install the Colossus mega navigation on our Shadows 2.0 site. Or any mega menu. And perhaps the Colossus side cattree navigation? I thought installing the mega menu looked like a fairly straightforward task but I don't think I can do this without Shadows DE installed so I am a bit stuck.

    Thank you for recommendations on how to proceed. Please feel free to PM me.
    Katie Sorensen
    Design Quest Furniture

    Hi Katie,

    Using Shadows DE with MMT is just one option for developer workflow. The core CSS and JavaScript files are available via the administration portal or FTP for you to edit like in previous versions. If you want to make changes to the CSS this way, I would recommend editing the theme.css file and, if you want to add custom JavaScript, you can do that in the theme.js file. If you want to utilize template branches, you can do all your testing there and then push it live. Here's some information on template branches, there will be a Miva Learn course coming out soon as well.
    Matt Zimmermann
    Front-End Development Director / Miva, Inc.