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    Display Product only when affiliate

    We have an Affiliate we have been working with.

    The affiliate would like to purchase a product through the affiliate link.

    Is it possible to make the product unsearchable and only be found when a particular affiliate link is used.

    I do no want the product available to the general public and I do not want the Product searchable by the sights search function. I do not want the product index by search engines

    Thank you in advance

    PayPal Ready

    If you can force the affiliate to login first then click the link you can do this all with built in functionality by making an availability group and putting the affiliate's customer and that one special product in it.
    Colin Puttick
    Miva Web Developer @ Glendale Designs


      The way I read this Colin is that OTHERS would be using the Affiliate link to find the product, so they can't really 'sign into' that account, but the basic idea works, based on the affiliate link, run something like ProductList_Load_Offset_AvailabilityGroup_All() to pull in the product(s). (which of course requires that you first get the name, then the ID of the availability group so the OP might still need actual help with that code. I'd look it up myself but a tad too busy ATM

      Bruce Golub
      Phosphor Media - "Your Success is our Business"

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