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    Website Update

    Today I attempted to install a subscription for a product and had to set up MivaPay and then found that my website is not up to standards necessary for using MivaPay. Something about templates.

    My website is clearly antique, but then so am I. It is clear that the world has changed and left me in the dust, so I am looking for professional assistance in bringing my website into the present day. My requirement is for a professional who can direct me to a website that responds to my customer base (90% of my customers are over 65 years of age +, so nothing to flashy but they do tend to be educated).

    Details of my website are:
    Customers in Data Base = 23,500
    Products on website = 23,700
    Categories on website = 764
    Sales 2021 = $961,000.00

    Will appreciate hearing from interested professionals.

    Bob MacLachlan

    Did anyone ever contact you?
    James Byrne, (USMC Vet.)
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