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Volume Price per product in BASK

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  • Volume Price per product in BASK

    Is there a way to display a strike thru pricing for the Product Price in the BASK screen if it is discounted by a Volume Price?

    Currently the product price displays as the non-discounted amount. I'd like it to display the non-discounted amount ($15.00) as a strike-thru with the discounted product price below it

    $15.00 (struck-thru)
    $13.50 (volume price)

    Then the Volume Pricing: $4.50 is extremely misleading. I can easily change that to Volume Pricing Discount: -$4.50 but I really need the line item discount too please.

    Leslie Kirk
    Miva Merchant Certified Developer
    Miva Merchant Specialist since 1997
    Previously of Webs Your Way
    (aka Leslie Nord leslienord)

    Email me: [email protected]

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  • Hi Leslie,

    Yes it's possible. You check that the volume price is available and strikethrough the regular price. If not available show the regular price.

    <mvt:if expr="g.volume_price_is_enabled">
            <span class="regular-price" style="text-decoration: line-through;">&mvt:regular_price;</span>
            <span class="volume-price">&mvt:volume_price;</span>
            <span class="regular-price">&mvt:regular_price;</span>



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