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Broken font icons and the www

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  • Broken font icons and the www

    I know that Bruce addressed this previously in this post from 2015 but good grief that was over 2 years ago and the problem still exists.

    If all the URL's for the site I'm currently having this issue with include the www then there is no problem, the font icons display. But if someone uses just then all the font icons break and it's not pretty. Besides adding lines to the htaccess file is there any other fix for this? Does the htaccess need to force one over the other? Which is preferred? Bruce's seems to not use the www which seems contrary to what I'm seeing.

    There must be some way to fix this so the font icons work with or without the www?

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  • Hi Leslie,

    The resources, like fonts, usually base their paths off of the basehref. If you are calling pages using WWW but the base does not contain that, or visa-versa, then you could see an issue. As a general rule, unless the store is not the root of the site, setting the site to use WWW and having the redirect in the htaccess file are the best options.

    Here's a little more information on the debate of to WWW or not:
    Matt Zimmermann
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