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Unsticking the Sticky Header

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  • Unsticking the Sticky Header

    I'm having some issues with the Sticky Header on tablets. I asked the user what size table screen he had but never got an answer. I know the javascript keeps it from working on anything less than 768 pixels wide, so this must be a larger tablet. When I tested on my iPad I never experienced the sticky header. But with all that said, it looks like I will need to comment out the lines in the scripts.js file. I tried commenting out just the "position: fixed;" in the structure.css file (not how I want to do this) but when I scroll to the point where it should start "sticking" I get 209 pixel tall white space between the main section and the header section which I assume is being calculated by the javascript?
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  • Hi Leslie,

    To disable or modify the call for the sticky header, in your scripts.js file, find and update the following code:
    // ---- On scroll, fix the header to the top ---- //
    if (document.location.protocol !== 'https:' && $(window).innerWidth() > 768) {
    Matt Zimmermann
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    / Miva, Inc.