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Iron and Wool/Ready theme support going forward

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  • Iron and Wool/Ready theme support going forward

    Just ran the latest (9.13) update and applied the template changes to my pages. Well, I applied the attribute machine changes to defer js load, but I was unable to implement the image machine changes as it broke my image display on the product pages.

    I imagine I could look into this and work to figure out if some customization of mine is interfering or if it is a ready theme template change that means to be done.

    Which leads me to my main question:
    It seems to me that the support for the ready themes is very minimal. It seems to me that the Shadows/Elements support is better as MIVA has indicated that these are the templates they are heading to as default (correct me if I am wrong). Does it make sense to start focusing on a change to one of the new templates and abandon the Iron and Wool Ready Theme?

    I do not attend Miva conferences and I am not on top of Miva's future goals. My apologies - I admit I have not tried to watch Miva conference videos or find the latest information. I just want to make sure I am putting effort in the right direction. Any input welcome! Thank you.
    Katie Sorensen
    Design Quest Furniture

  • Hi Katie.

    I have not investigated any needed changes in the Iron and Wool, or any of the legacy, ReadyTheme as they relate to Miva 9.13; although this will be looked into over the next couple of months. Were I to venture a guess, I would say the issue you are seeing is that Attribute and Image Machine are being called after the theme's scripts file is being called.

    As for support, the Legacy ReadyThemes are still supported, however they are only receiving minimal updates. The core focus is on the Shadows line of ReadyThemes as that is to become the core theming structure for Miva 10. Depending on the complexity and functionality of your site, it may be beneficial to migrate to Shadows as you will, most likely, see an increase in speed and gain the ability to utilize additional functionality and extensions included in the new line of ReadyThemes.
    Matt Zimmermann
    Director of UI/UX Standards and Theme Development
    / Miva, Inc.


    • Thanks for the input, Matt. Sounds like a good summer project when I have two teenage helpers to work on the migration to Shadows. Also, I will look into the order of Attribute/Image machine and theme's scripts. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction on that too.
      Katie Sorensen
      Design Quest Furniture


      • Thanks for sharing your thoughts - it is extremly valuable for all of us who are using Iron and Wool. Matt wrote in
        Last edited by Protos; 04-17-19, 10:56 PM.


        • Has anyone tried to migrate to Shadows from I and W. How much work is it? Shadows sounds like a good way to go in future. I still have to translate every message to Swedish. And it is a curve to pass.
          I like I&W, but the check-out process feels a bit old. Welcome to share your experinece in this tread or start a fresh one when you have information to share.



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