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  • Deferred JavaScript

    Hi, I did the templates changes and followed instructions in Deferred JavaScript doc
    I am still getting complaints in PageSpeedInsights on Ajax.js. I gueess I cannot do anything about css.php that keeps my scripts. And I have not started on Mailchimp yet.

    /miva/clientside.mvc?T=3cfa39dc&Filename=ajax.js( 7 KB 330 ms
    /css/css.php( 23 KB 780 ms
    …00000001/mailchimp.css?T=69e3c750( 1 KB 330 ms

    I cannot say that I got much better score after applying the deferred. 68 now and I had around 64-60 Before. Though my Popup for subsriptions on SFNT takes some toll on the result.

    Regards Protos akak André

  • Hi André,

    How are you testing and are those desktop or mobile scores? When I run your storefront and a product page through Lighthouse, I get scores of 97 and 95 respectively; on mobile I am seeing an 81 with Applied 3G Throttling.
    Matt Zimmermann
    Director of UI/UX
    / Miva, Inc.


    • Hello Matt, I meant mobile with default value . Desktop value is great. Thanks for the Lighthouse tip - I was not familiar with this tool. Now I get it. Just tested it in My Chrome Dev Tools.
      Lighthouse is fun. Have to fix some small glitches here and there. Altoghether It was really worth an upgrade :-).



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