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    Testing Shadows

    Hi! Happy, hoppy easter to you all.

    First of all I must say that I am starting to feel comfortable with MIVA 10. It is a breeze to do everyday tasks.
    Question #1: Is it possible to change security reporting? We are not processing banc-payments, so we would like to change the frequency of those reports.
    I tried to install Shadow on my dev copy with a terrible result. All my Iron & Wool specials (like double carousels and other elements) got busted. So I guess I will pass on this untill my client wants to pay good sum for upgrade. It seems to be a lot of work as Shadow is more straightforward and lean.

    I would like to apologize to Katie d2d2d2 for not answering her message in time. Too much stress and pressure in pandemic time, so I missed Katies questiion alltogether. I am ashamed, we are supposed to help each other. I really liked her implementation of the theme at I notice that the fonts are sensitive for exact address with www. Question #2 Is it possible to have correct symbols without www prefix? Google says that www is not needed in GA if I understand it right...

    Cheers André Loutchko aka Protos

    For Question 1, not at this time. In the future we're going to lower it from weekly to quarterly and make it more styled, but probably not until 10.02.xx

    Rick Wilson
    Miva, Inc.
    [email protected]


      Hi André,

      I don't follow your question #2. To the best of my knowledge, if your site is set up to not use the WWW prefix, you shouldn't be penalized from GA. You may need to modify how your subdomains are tracked though.
      Matt Zimmermann
      Front-End Development Director / Miva, Inc.


        Hello Matt,
        Excuse me for mixing up too different things. I know that GA doesn´t care for www. Domain name with or without. I should have kept font/symbol question straight. We can skip it.
        Or I will try to explain it better in a separate thread.

        I liked Rick Wilson answer about PCI -Dss -compliance check. It is a great function and quaterly reports would be excelllent in future. No hurry there. I work in Sweden where banks and gov agencies require annual reports and checklists. Even if one uses 3d party gateways or Paypal. It takes a lot of time and effort (I did it for other customers) to fill in annual checks ups. So the new report function is really appreciated. It has both carrot and whip for better security compliance :-)
        I just wish that Square will establish themselves in Scandianvia soon. There MIVA module looks great and their services are very interesting indeed. Than I will gladly use the PCI report in my banking routines.

        All the best... André aka Protos