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Patient Payments and Web Site Link Question

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  • Patient Payments and Web Site Link Question

    I have a customer that wants to provide a link from their site to make patient (medical) payments. The office sends out a paper statement to the customer. For example, let's say the statement $425.00 for patient "A" and 125.68 for patient "B." Is there a way to make a selection of an item and allow the customer to input the amount for payment? I saw that you all have a donation feature so I think something like that might work as long as it can be renamed to patient payment.

    2nd question. Let's say the office has a website already, we'll call it - can the store be set up so that it is just a page on the website - something like and appears seamless to the customer/patient? Does this mean that the site itself does not need to be secure and that there is no SSL certificate, pci compliance and all that jazz? That would all be handled by the link to Miva Merchant?