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    Toolkit Product Waitlist

    Hello, yet again! Sorry. Seems like I have so many questions and I feel like I might be filling up this forum, but I have no one else to ask!

    Anyways, I was trying to implement the Out of Stock Waitlist feature that the Miva Toolkit offers. I followed the instructions step by step and am able to get the proper forms and links to show up on the prod page.

    However, when I actually click on the link to bring up the waitlist form on the product page, I get this error:
    ""Unable to locate form for inventory attributes"

    Now, I should explain that just about every product on our site has 2 mandatory attributes. We are a wholesaler that only sells packs of clothing, so we have 1 attribute specifying the qtyratio (i.e. 2S, 2M, 2L), and the other attribute specifies the color/pattern option. I don't know if having this setup is causing an issue with the waitlist feature.

    Has anyone run into this, or do you know what could be causing this error?

    Thanks again.