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donation 'round up' on OSEL

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    donation 'round up' on OSEL


    I am trying to add a donation feature for a charitable organization that we support. I know there is a Donation Manager app but I was wondering if I could use Order Custom Fields to add a field on OSEL, so that I can show a 'round up' amount (if the sale is 26.89 show them a 'Would you like to round up your sale to $27 and donate .11 cents to KureIt? You can also donate another amount or leave blank and no donation will be added.' above the field as a comment so they can leave it blank (no donation), enter the round up amount or any other amount.

    I was wondering if someone can at least help me sort the idea out so I don't spend an inordinate amount of time only to find out there was something obvious I missed.

    -I tried adding the field using the sample code from the Order Custom Fields documentation but it was not passed to OPAY. I didn't notice any specific mention in the documentation of where to put this on the OSEL page so perhaps I messed up? Do I need to create any additional fields or explicitly add it to the basket it in OSEL?
    <input type="text" name="OrderCFM1" value="">
    <input type="hidden" name="OrderCFMRequired" value="1">
    -The fee needs to be added as a separate item in the basket so that they can remove it if they go back and then decide they want to give a different amount or want to remove it.

    -Any clues on how I can handle the 'round up' portion?

    Thank you.


    Re: donation 'round up' on OSEL

    You have basically the write idea.

    Use a custom Order field to show:

    Round Up to Donate:

    Would you like to donate your spare change to Charity Name? (You can also choose to enter a larger or smaller amount.)

    Amount: [ .89 ] Yes, I want to donate this amount [ ]

    You'd use SMT code to determine the round up amount. You'd use an additional checkbox field to tell whether to run the Add to Basket Charges function.

    The trick now is adding that amount to the basket charges. Provided you don't have any additional rules on order total (like Free Shipping if order more than x) you should be able to use a basket charges function.

    So, while this could all be done from with SMT, the particulars would take a bit of time to track down.
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      Re: donation 'round up' on OSEL

      Thank you Bruce. Gives me an idea and I'll pick see if it is something I can handle or need to have someone do.


        Re: donation 'round up' on OSEL

        It might be simpler to try the upcharge function in toolkit:

        "142. Use upcharge to apply a surcharge or fee to an order."

        It is very easy to manipulate via SMT - we use it to calculate an upcharge for manufacturing rush charges.


          Re: donation 'round up' on OSEL

          Thank you, I'm taking a look at this now.