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Conditional & Combined Shipping Settings

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    Conditional & Combined Shipping Settings

    I'm basically asking three questions in one post here, but all are related to shipping settings.

    Question 1 - Global Conditional Settings: I have a fragile product worth over $100 that needs extra protection when shipping internationally and would like to offer the less expensive option of First-Class International Package via Registered Mail. Priority International costs a good deal more even without the additional insurance fee.

    So, is there a way to provide conditional shipping settings on First-Class Package International that would add the Registered Mail fee for products above a certain price without affecting orders below that price?

    For example, I've got the rate adjustment set to $13.65 (the registered mail fee) and the "Restrict to Order Subtotal" set to 100 to 0 (which apparently means 100+). So, will it add that fee on just those orders above $100+ while still providing the shipping method without the added fee on orders less than $100? Or will it only provide that shipping method on orders above $100?

    Question 2 - Conditional Settings by Product: Is there a way to set a different origination zip code for products? I have suppliers that ship directly from their warehouses and they're located in different zip codes. So I'm just wondering if there's a way to get the system to calculate the proper shipping amount from each zip code.

    Question 3 - Combined Shipping: How does the shipping calculator handle orders with multiple products? In most cases, I provide the box dimensions along with the weight of the package, so I'm just curious how it calculates shipping for those orders.

    Thanks in advance! =)

    Re: Conditional & Combined Shipping Settings

    1. What you have setup would restrict that shipping method so it only shows up for orders over $100. That would work if you had some kind of flat rate method where you can just create an second shipping method for order below $100.

    You may want to look at this module. It allows you at add line item fees to specific product:

    2. Setting orginization zip codes on a per product basis is not currently built in but it is on our roadmap. However, there are two 3rd party solutions that current address this issue:

    UPS / FedEX / USPS Custom Integration Shipping Modules Found Here:

    3. Miva will use your Box rules you have configured to determine how to pack the boxes.

    - First All products need a weight and shipping dimensions
    - If you have a product set to ship in its own box, Miva will use its shipping dimensions for the box
    - Multiple products in a single order are packed into the smallest box all products will fit in up until the max weight you have set for that box or the max number of items set for that box. (Cubic Packing is coming in 9.0004) Then the individual product dimensions are not sent, but the instead the box dimensions along with total weight of all items in the box.
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    VP Product
    Miva, Inc.
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      Re: Conditional & Combined Shipping Settings

      **EDIT** - I was writing about a 5.5 module and realized this is a 9 installation. Ooops ! ! !
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