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    Advice > Product with individual info per item

    I'll be setting up a new product over the next few days and thought I'd ask for some advice.

    These will be plastic unit number signs. So a self storage facility might order say 10 2x4" signs, but each will have a unique number


    B1 thru 14

    I can set it up as a product with with attributes by size, background color and letter color and then have a memo field with instructions on how to list it but thought I'd ask in case there was another way to do this.

    For example some forms allow users to add additional input fields so they could click a button and a new input field would be added and these could all be submitted as memo content. I thought this might be less error prone and improve clarity.

    Something like this maybe? Can just be a memo field since the total quantity would be ordered via the normal PROD template (the unique text per item does not effect the total cost so no need for complex programming).


    There will only be 5 sizes initially so I I'll probably have to have those each as a separate product.

    In any case I thought I'd ask for suggestions since some of you may have done this or know of apps or other solutions that do something like this.
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    Re: Advice > Product with individual info per item

    Skip it. I found a video on Basket and Order Custom Fields and will see what I can do.