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    Emporium FOLLOWON Questions


    Two questions to anyone on this module.

    1. We are using this module in our Miva 9 store, module version 5.0170, and I wanted to upgrade it to the current version 5.0240. I can't find any docs on upgrading and don't want to risk losing any of my work.

    2. Can we use "related products" in any of the three e-mails the module creates? We wanted to send out an automated e-mail to our customers with product recommendations based on the product they purchased x amount of days ago. I'm open to anything else that would do that if this module can't.


    Re: Emporium FOLLOWON Questions

    Link to generic doc list page for Bill's modules:

    At the bottom it discusses upgrading.

    Link to module documentation:

    In the FAQ section it talks about this being real "templates" so you can do anything you would on any Miva page. We've used Toolkit to grab a product's custom field that contains a short list of products that we try to cross-sell. I think you can do that part native, now, so it's just an example of what you can do.
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