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    Many years ago, we set up a catalog request form page for customers to request a print catalog. It wrote the information to a database file, which we import a few times a month into our main system. As we are now updating our site, is there a simpler way now in Miva (with or without the purchase of a module) to create a form that can save the information into a database file? Any ideas or suggestions would be welcomed. Thank you.

  • I'll follow along on this. We're doing the same thing. Form submits to a db, php/mysql iframed into a miva page. I'm open to a better way. Piggybacking on to your post.

    Ron Frigon
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    • Any other ideas or solutions out there? I can't believe other Miva users have not set-up a way for potential customers to request a print catalog (or just to get names and addresses) and write the results to a database.


      • Make the form and use SMT to create/append to a csv file after the form submission has been validated. You can use the built in mivascript functions file_create(..) and file_append(..) to do this. I can create this scripting for you, contact me on for rates and details.
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