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    Toolkit > OSEL > OrderCFM1 > order questions

    Can anyone tell me if Tool Kit's order question example is dead now and needs to be replaced? I had been using addendum and tried tool kit now - just looking for the simplest solution for my brain to ask the customer a couple optional questions as they submit their order.

    I added the following code based on Bill's sample to a ReadyTheme content block

    <div class="order-notes">
    <legend>Please let us know how you found us (optional)</legend>
    <table><tr style="height: 20px; vertical-align: top"><td>
    <select name="OrderCFM1" class="select-referrer" style="width: 250px; vertical-align:top; margin-right: 8px; font-size: 14px;-moz-box-sizing: content-box;box-sizing: content-box;height: 20px !important; padding: 3px">
      <option value="referred by: none selected" selected="selected" disabled="disabled" style="-moz-box-sizing: content-box;box-sizing: content-box;height: 20px !important">Select One</option>
      <option value="referred by: tradeshow">Trade Show</option>
      <option value="referred by: magazine">Trade Magazine</option>
      <option value="referred by: forum">Forum</option>
      <option value="referred by: search engine">Search Engine</option>
      <option value="referred by: word of mouth">Word-of-Mouth</option>
      <option value="referred by: other">Other</option>
    <input name="OrderCFM2" type="text" placeholder="you can add other referrers here..." style="width: 300px; vertical-align:top; margin-right: 8px; padding: 2px;height: 20px !important;font-size: 14px;-moz-box-sizing: content-box;box-sizing: content-box;" value="">
    <textarea style="width: 610px; vertical-align:top" type="text" name="OrderCFM3" value="" /></textarea>
    <input type="hidden" name="OrderCFM_Count" value="3">
    and i referenced that on OSEL before the closing form tag to submit to OPAY.

    If I look in the backed end at the order I can see that only OrderCFM1's value has been recorded.