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    Show single product using page code

    We have some static pages on the site and may be putting some articles up and I'm wondering if there is a simple code I could use to 'pop in' a specific product in footers, headers and such. ie I create an article and want to add items like mockup below.

    I could put the code for one each in readytheme content areas but that would be tedious so was hoping for a simpler reusable

    < mvt:something insertprod="12345" />

    but open to any suggestions. I can manually link stuff and have done so in past but creates a problem updating if you make changes later and have these scatterd across the site.

    If I understand this correctly, one option would be to create a simple Miva page, that was a stripped down version of the Miva product page and call that with an iframe tag.
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      Create a page in your store and treat it as a static page. MOdify htaccess if you need to change what it "looks" like in the browser. Then load the product up using

      <mvt:do file="g.Module_Library_DB" name="l.success" value="Product_Load_Code('product_code', l.settings:product )" /> (assumming the product code is "product_code")_ and then you can access product info like &mvt:product:code; &mvt:product:price; etc
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