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Manually set category tree item to active?

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  • Manually set category tree item to active?

    Some more of my baby questions - thanks for bearing with me all these years, will never be a pro.

    I added a category here (COVID-19)

    that uses the ALT page field to call a redirect to a page

    I did this because using the ALT page field to directly call the page didn't load a particular section (that used ScotsScripts FastFAQ addon). I knew it worked when I went directly to it so I used the ToolKit callurl method which worked.

    However the category tree is not expanded since the page has no parent, so I was wondering if I could manually expand the category 'Workplace Health & Safety Supplies' so it would appear to the users they are still in that category?

  • You should be able to add an mvt:if statement in the category tree template to expand the category manually.

    Something like:

    <mvt:if expr="(l.settings:category:id AND l.settings:category:id EQ l.settings:cattree_category:id) OR (l.settings:cattree_category:code EQ l.settings:breadcrumbs:links[1]:code)">
    <mvt:assign name="l.settings:cattree_category:class" value="'active'" />
    <mvt:elseif expr="g.Category_Code AND ISNULL l.settings:category:id AND l.settings:cattree_category:code EQ g.Category_Code">
    <mvt:assign name="l.settings:cattree_category:class" value="'active'" />
    <mvt:elseif expr="g.Screen EQ 'FOO'">
    <mvt:if expr="l.settings.cattree_category:code EQ 'BAR'">
    <mvt:assign name="l.settings:cattree_category:class" value="'active'" />

    FOO being the page code that you want the category tree manually expanded on (COVID-19 Resource Page).
    BAR being the category code that you want expanded (Workplace Health & Safety Supplies).

    There might be a better way to do it, but that should do the trick.
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    • Thank you that looks like it will do it.


      • Working...

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