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    SEARCH vs Search store for....

    If I search in store search box for '110-AER-SG' which is part of a couple of 4 products names (same color paint for for different manufacturers so we have a manufacurer code ie TUP-B-110-AER-SG vs TUP-D-110-AER-SG so we know what manufacturer they were trying to match). All have the same sku again just for us as we know these are all the same color. If I search I can see in the drop down that appears the 4 products but if I click at the bottom of the box the 'search store for 110-AER-SG' it comes back with not found and the search results page has the search box which also can't find these. I have all of the searchable fields checked in the admin settings code, sku etc and not sure if I broke something or this is a problem with Levels default search?
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    Okay not sure why but turning off "Use Database Full-Text Searching " fixed the problem.