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Using Order Queues and Order Workflows?

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    Using Order Queues and Order Workflows?

    Hey all.

    Just wondering if any one is making much use of the Order Queue and Order Workflow tools.

    If so how do you find they are working for you?

    I'll let others chime in on their usage, but here are the common use cases we see across all clients:

    1. Integrations - Clients will setup a dedicated queue which their Order Management System will pull from. They will also have rules to govern if/when an order goes into a Queue.
    2. Fraud Review - Rules to flag certain orders (from certain countries, certain payment methods, certain products) for manual review
    3. Fraud Order Cancel Automation - We've seen customers who use order workflows alongside tools such as Signifyd where they will auto void orders which are not approved from Signifyd.

    Its also worth mentioning that we have new Payment Capture/Void/Refund Workflows coming in 10.01 so it will be easier to build some advanced automation around payments. For example you could have Miva generate a refund for a returned item.
    Brennan Heyde
    VP Product
    Miva, Inc.
    [email protected]


      I asked our professional services group as well and this is what they see most commonly:
      • Customers enabling Buy Online Pickup in Store
      • Certain types of subscriptions – especially if there is a weekly or monthly cutoff date by which a subscription must be placed for a certain shipping threshold
      • Fraud is a big use case for custom workflows
      • Out of Stock product support
      • Products shipping from split warehouses

      Rick Wilson
      Miva, Inc.
      [email protected]


        Thank you both for the insights! That sounds very useful.