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    Miva Hosting question > RE: domain alias

    We have our main domain

    We own several related domains like

    and a few more registered at Exact Hosting.

    Our store is hosted by Miva and in the Plesk: Domains tab I see +Add Domain Alias.

    1. Would adding these other domains here allow people to instead of using

    2. Our email is hosted by Office 365 and we have the DNS in the Miva Plesk admin for it. If we wanted an email going to sales to be able to go to

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    would that be handled at Office 365 admin? Would we need to add entries to our DNS In Miva: Plesk?

    Long winded explanation:
    We had these all registered at BulkRegister originally and they had an interface that allowed us to forward the site, individual pages and email from one domain to another. Then they got bought by Enom then by ExactHosting which no longer has the email forwarding so the [email protected] > [email protected] is not happening for those occasional people who mistyped and got saved in their email list.

    The odd thing is the forwards I set up for certain pages like > to our office 365 logon back at the original registrar so it would be easier to remember are not available anywhere on ExactHosting but if I use MXToolbox I see they still show Enom as the location for the records -and of course Enom will not allow us to log in as they sold the accounts.

    Adding the aliases won't work in that manner because there won't be SSL certificates associated with them. My recommendation on how to handle that would be to use the free level of Cloudflare to have the alias domains pointing at the main site, Cloudflare will handle the SSL, then pass the traffic through. You can have the aliases added on our side, so they'll work, but whether or not clicking around keeps the shopper on the domain they came in on would depend on how your site is built. Keep in mind that having that same 10-white.html content on three domains may be a serious risk to your search engine rankings, as the engines may consider it duplicate content or even a landing page scheme of some sort. Some registrars will do the same forwarding, but typically not with an SSL, so that's where Cloudflare becomes handy.

    For the email, I believe Microsoft will let you add alias domains free of charge, or close to it, since you're really just paying for the mailboxes and those remain the same regardless.
    David Hubbard
    [email protected]


      Thanks very much for the information and suggestions. I'll sort that today.