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Need help with JSON Product_Update

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    Need help with JSON Product_Update

    I am trying to update product inventory with a template call.
    the template called JSON_Push looks like this with codes redacted:

    Replace Access token and signature
    <mvt:assign name="g.endpoint" value ="''" />
    <mvt:assign name="g.access_token" value ="'redacetd'" />
    <mvt:assign name="g.signature" value ="crypto_base64_decode('redacted')" />
    <mvt:assign name="g.timestamp" value="' "Miva_Request_Timestamp" : ' $ '"' $ s.time_t $ '",' " />
    <mvt:assign name="g.json_data" value="'{' $ g.timestamp $ '
    "Store_Code": "foryourbird",
    "Function": "Product_Update",
    "Product_Code": "suncoc3",
    "Product_Inventory": "50"
    <mvt:assign name="g.ok" value="crypto_hmac_sha256(g.json_data,g.signature, 'binary',g.hmac_response)" />
    <mvt:assign name="l.ok" value="crypto_hmac_sha256(g.json_data,g.signature, 'binary',g.hmac_response)" />
    <mvt:assign name="g.b64encoded_hmac_response" value="crypto_base64_encode(g.hmac_response)" />
    <mvt:assign name="g.headers" value="'X-Miva-API-Authorization: MIVA-HMAC-SHA256 ' $ g.access_token $ ':' $ g.b64encoded_hmac_response $ asciichar( 13 ) $ asciichar( 10 )" />
    <mvt:call action="g.endpoint" method="'raw'" headers="g.headers" content-type="'application/json'" fields="'g.json_data'">
    <mvt:assign name="g.response" value="g.response $ s.callvalue" />
    Product_Update: <br>

    I submit to the browser
    The result when submitting to browser:

    Product_Update: <br>
    "success": 0,
    "error_code": "access_denied",
    "error_message": "Access denied"
    X-Miva-API-Authorization: MIVA-HMAC-SHA256 bc883edcfb286790b0696d5f90c719f3:Et7DoUsYxhkIY/QC6ojRua1FiVBSvcfRJvCYduUkI1w=
    { "Miva_Request_Timestamp" : "1655487956",

    "Store_Code": "redacted",
    "Function": "Product_Update",
    "Product_Code": "suncoc3",
    "Product_Inventory": "50"


    The X-Miva-API-Authorization line above down to the } is the header being passed
    Should the header be stringified with JSO
    I cannot figure out why the Access Denied
    The token and signature is pulled from the API Token
    Gary Mong

    I fixed this I had a bad whitelist entry.
    Gary Mong


      Hey bcaviary, I'm glad you figured out the issue; I had a similar problem with whitelisting functions myself.

      Regarding the link that you shared, I suspect it was an example of what you were using in the code with the domain replaced with "xxx". I would assume you had issue with your avian products store but replacing the domain with the placeholder of "xxx" still made a clickable link here in the forums - a link to a site that would go against Miva's policies.

      Just a heads-up for the future, either give the full link or replace the domain with "mydomain" or "domain", not "xxx".
      Benjamin Smith - Developer



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          OMG, I see what the xxx did. Oh my. Not intended.
          Another question.
          Is there a way to pass variable to the template.
          ie. Product code, inventory, price.
          It doesn't seem like much value if these values are hardcoded
          in the template.
          Gary Mong