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Toolkit Product with Multi-Quantity Add using Inventory Variants

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    Toolkit Product with Multi-Quantity Add using Inventory Variants

    The Toolkit Product with Multi-Quantity Add still works great with MM10 if you are NOT using the Track Inventory (Inventory Variants). I'm looking at the code and it seems to be checking for the variants, but it's not doing what I'd expect it to be doing. The page I'm working on is behind a password-protected directory so I'm not able to share.

    Yes, I think I have another thread open for this, and I've been given that CTGY multi-add examples which would be great for a category with multiple products. This is a product with multiple attributes that need to have the ability to adjust the quantity of the attribute.

    The Sebenza Product Template Manager was absolutely brilliant for this functionality. Why is it like pulling teeth to replace this stuff?

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    I did this for another client recently, using just template code, no modules. You can email me if you want my help with this.
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