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    Batch List Column Header Size

    Is there a way to make columns narrower than the width of the column header name on batch lists in v10? My columns often take up WAY too much space because I can't make them narrower than the header plus the edit button. It forces a lot of horizontal scrolling that wasn't necessary in v9.

    On a related note, when I click and drag the column width adjustment to make it smaller, my "mouseup" usually happens while my cursor is over that edit button, which triggers that column edit action basically every time by accident.

    Maybe these are just personal problems, but it seems like a UX issue.

    I'm assuming these columns you still want visible? Or can you just not show them? There is a little extra min width for each column for the edit button. What would you prefer to see here? Only the width of the header text or smaller?

    Also, does full screen mode solve anything or you?

    I'm able to re-create your mouse up issue and will file a bug for it.
    Brennan Heyde
    VP Product
    Miva, Inc.
    [email protected]


      I have a standard set of columns I like to leave on for the products list that I use for most of what I need to see at a glance. I can turn columns on and off or enter and exit full screen mode, but that's just extra steps when the width of the data in those columns would easily fit if it weren't for the size of the headers. I'd just prefer the option to make the column narrower, even if it cuts off the header text and truncates with an ellipse or something. The same behavior as the value fields, really. A long product name or description doesn't force the column width super wide.

      Regarding the edit buttons themselves, I'm not a fan of those being added next to every column header and field value, either, but I assume the logic is that it's easier for a new user to see how to edit within the list. They don't take up a ton of space per column but it adds up to another column or two of space within the viewable area. I prefer the previous workflow of single-clicking the row to select and double-clicking to edit, but maybe in my 30's I've just become an old curmudgeon who hates change :).



        Add me to the list of people who prefer the double-clicking to edit over the edit button. Although I deny being an old curmudgeon :)