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    AvaTax Refunds

    Does the Miva Merchant AvaTax module report refunds to Avalara?

    Reasons for a refund could be a cancelled order or a returned order.

    If the module does handle refunds, how does it work? What exactly triggers it?

    It doesn't do so automatically. You need to go into the order details screen and click on "AvaTax" and then make adjustments within there.

    Miva has extensive documentation on this which you can find here: (under calculating taxes within the admin)

    Hope this helps!
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      Thanks Ryan, this helps a lot. I appreciate you taking the time to post this.

      I was hoping I would be able to interact with the AvaTax module via the Miva API, but that does not look like a possibility. I am surprised to learn that everyone is handling each cancel, return, and adjustment manually.


        TipPro Can you give me some details on what you looking to do? Do you have an external system you want to make an API from?

        I can see us adding these APIs in the future but want to get a better understanding on your use case.
        Brennan Heyde
        VP Product
        Miva, Inc.
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          Yes, I have an external system that handles order management. I am thankful for the Miva API, I would have loved to have it a decade ago. Before the Miva API, I was manipulating the Miva database directly which was not ideal.

          My external system handles refunds, canceled orders, and miscellaneous order adjustments. Whenever credit is due, my external system will use the Miva API call "OrderPayment_Refund" to credit the customer. I was hoping there were Miva API functions that would trigger AvaTax.

          My other options are to either use the Avalara API (not sure if this is a possibility) or to manually upload credit transactions on a monthly basis directly to Avalara (not ideal).