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How can I alter the behavior of the admin notification message?

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  • netblazon
    Kent Multer (on any Miva site)

    If you try to login into the admin with the wrong information, then with the right information, a warning will appear telling you about the previous failed login attempt. For me, it stays open, instead of going away after a few seconds.

    I'm currently trying to figure out how to make it appear on demand from one of my modules, and came across this thread.

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  • How can I alter the behavior of the admin notification message?

    I was just contacted by a client whose work apparently involves a lot of typing and clicking around the bottom of an admin page. So the green bar that pops up for notifications such as "Settings updated" is very annoying to her. She wants to know if I can move it over to the left side of the screen, instead of having it in the center.

    And while we're on the subject, I have a slight complaint about that bar myself. Modules used to be able to put their own text in that message, just by modifying the value of the variable g.Message. I found this very helpful as a way to display more detailed status or error messages to the user. But it doesn't work any more. I'd like to get that ability back; and while I'm at it, I might want the message to stay visible for longer periods of time in some cases, change color to red for error conditions, etc.

    There are some CSS classes or IDs attached to the elements in this pop-up, but I haven't been able to view them with the browser's Inspector tool because they only stay visible for a few seconds. Is there a CSS file available that defines these? If it's proprietary, maybe someone in-house can post a snippet here with the definitions for mm_notification_message, mm_notification_message_text, and mm_notification_message_container.

    Thanks --