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SOLUTION FOUND 'Advanced Search - Contains' does not work

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    SOLUTION FOUND 'Advanced Search - Contains' does not work


    I utilize the 'Advanced Search' feature in the admin section. However, when I used two words and the condition 'Contains' - I get no results even though there are several products that utilize those two words in the titles. For example, say I have two products 'Large Green Plastic Bowl' and 'Large Plastic Bowl with Green Cover'. Logically, when I do an advanced search with the condition 'Contains' and use the words 'Large green' - these two products should show up in my search results. Correct? If not, why is that? And how can I do a search so that I don't miss any products containing 'large green'?

    Edit: never mind, found a solution for now
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    The "Contains" search type in the admin means the given string is contained within the field. In other words, if you search "Large Green", all records with the product name that contain the exact string "Large Green" will be returned. "Large Purple Green" would not be returned as it does not match. We're looking into potentially adding an additional search type that would allow you to do what you were expecting without having to use LIKE 'Large%Green' or something similar.
    Ryan Guisewite
    Lead UI Developer / Miva, Inc.