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Saved Carts (aka Wish List) draw backs

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    Saved Carts (aka Wish List) draw backs

    Store is trying to use the Wish List to Save Carts. I've changed the Page Name (3 times now) because it keeps reverting back to the original name (seems to happen each time a branch is created).

    The biggest drawback to using the Wish List is there is no way to select an option to create a new list from the drop down list on the "choose" page. (Yes there is the option to create a new list from the WLST page but the store owner says it's
    which is confusing and hard to find.
    Their competitors web sites have something very straight forward when trying to save a cart - the option to "Create a new cart" or "Add to existing cart" pops up when you click the Save Cart button.


    I'm thinking it's going to be a tad more involved than add "create new" to the drop down because all the WLAD page does is create the new list but doesn't load it.

    If someone has done something like this or if there is a third-party replacement for the Wish List - the store owner is all ears.

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