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Sales tax name on check out screen

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    Sales tax name on check out screen

    Hello I'm using Avalara to calculate GST/HST in Canada
    I have a separate subdomain just for Canada customers
    Does anyone know how to change the text of "Sales tax" on the check out screen? I just want it to show "Taxes"

    Unfortunately, I don't think there's a quick fix for this one. I can think of two ways to do it.

    1. You can put an mvt:assign tag on every page template where the basket or order contents are displayed, to change the description text before the customer sees it.
    Specifically, you need to find every loop that displays the charges, such as shipping and tax. Wherever you see this line of code:
    <mvt:foreach array="basket:charges" iterator="charge">
    -- or this one:
    <mvt:foreach array="order:charges" iterator="charge">
    Immediately after that, add this line:
    <mvt:assign name="l.settings:charge:descrip" value="glosub(l.settings:charge:descrip, 'Sales tax', 'Taxes')" />
    Note that the spelling, capitalization, and spacing of "Sales tax" must exactly match what the store is currently using. It will have to be done on the templates for emails, order history, etc. as well as the checkout pages.

    2. You can put some code on the OSEL page that will actually change the description in the basket. That's more complex; and since it modifies the database, the consequences of a typing error could be problematic. I don't feel comfortable giving that out without a chance to test it. But a good developer should be able to do it in no more than an hour.
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