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    GD Ratings & Reviews

    Has anyone ever used the GD Ratings & Reviews and grouped products together to assign reviews to multiple products?

    According to the docs I should be able to include a 3rd parameter for product id in this item, but that just seems to break.

    <mvt:item name="gd_ratings" param="stars|type|product_id" />

    Possible values for type are:
    basic -> The stars without the snapshot overlay
    enhanced -> The stars with the snapshot overlay (we recommend using this on the product page only)
    The product_id should be a number that corresponds with the desired product id. When no product_id is supplied then the component attempts to discover the product based on the environment. It will automatically work in a stock product listing loop or on a page that contains the stock product item.

    <mvt:item name="gd_ratings" param="stars|basic" /> works as expected

    <mvt:item name="gd_ratings" param="stars|basic|58" /> breaks and outputs nothing
    Ron Frigon
    Jedi Webmaster Obi-Ron Kenobi