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Website migration compatibility testing

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    Website migration compatibility testing

    The email says to confirm compatibility of your website before they do the migration.

    I am curious how to do that without access to a development server that has the new platform on it. The MIVA software environment disallows creating your own development machine, so I'm not sure how we are expected to do this.

    What are other folks doing?

    For reference, this thread refers to an email that some customers received, or will receive, regarding their websites moving to an updated service environment with certain underlying software versions changing. We provision customer services with fixed underlying configurations to avoid site customizations ever failing to function reliably. However, there are software lifecycles associated with such configurations and there can be times across many years where migration to the then-current customer deployment configuration is necessary. Sites using solely our software and static content can be migrated without concern.

    Regarding the compatibility question; that is specific to anything you may have added to your site other than our software. There are no compatibility issues migrating a site that consists of just our software and static content, and our staff perform extensive testing for that both after a test migration and when taking the site live. However, if you, your staff, your web developer or similar third party, have added custom software, typically in the form of PHP applications, they would need to confirm such software is compatible with moving to what is currently PHP version 7.4 or greater. Our staff do not perform validation of third party applications added to a site, unless such testing and validation is handled as a paid professional services engagement.

    If you have added Wordpress, that specific application is very unlikely to have issues unless it has particularly out of date plugins, but if it does, those should either be updated or removed regardless as nothing related to Wordpress being allowed to exist out of date is safe. Core Wordpress will not have any issues with the migration.
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