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    Variant Image Swapping

    We share a lot of raw stock across many of our Miva stores, and customize on demand when the order comes in. I have been implementing Inventory Variants only for the purpose of using the image swapping for different selected attributes. The problem is that I don't really want the inventory control portion, so I have a workaround in place.
    • These particular items have a starting inventory of 1,000,000.
    • Created a custom product field used to indicate that this inventory is bogus.
    • Wrapped the inventory stock status message in a conditional that checks the custom field and skips displaying the stock status message if so.
    I feel like it is pretty messy and I am wondering if anyone else has ever encountered the need for the image swap functionality without the accompanying inventory constraints. If so, what did you do?

    I had some custom script written years ago that did the image swapping based on some image naming conventions we came up with. It just got to be too confusing for people who were adding or removing attributes so I was trying to do something this time they couldn't break :-)
    Shannon Wright
    Xact Xpressions, Inc.

    You should be able to setup inventory variants normally as you are now (by clicking the track inventory checkbox for each attribute and generating variants). Then once the part products are created from clicking generate variants, you can go into each one and turn off inventory tracking. These are regular products just set to non-active that Miva uses to store data about each variant such as images, price, weight, etc.

    This will tell miva not to track inventory on any of the inventory variants but it will still give you the features you want around uploading images for each size/color variant.
    Brennan Heyde
    VP Product
    Miva, Inc.
    [email protected]


      This was what I was going to send initially. Leaving it here in case someone else makes the same mistake.

      I may not be following you. I created the item, generated variants, added images. I then went back to the attributes tab, selected an attribute, and unchecked the Track Inventory Checkbox. I got a popup which advised that all variants would be deleted, which I ignored. Now all the variants are gone.


      I re-read your comment. I misunderstood. I am leaving my above comment in place for future generations.

      After the variants were created, images added, and verified as functioning properly, I realize now I needed to go back to the Catalog > PRODUCTS tab (be sure your filter isn't set to just view Active items because variants default to inactive), select a variant part number, edit it, and under the INVENTORY TAB uncheck the Track Product box.

      ScreenHunter_1935 Jul. 22 15.20.jpg

      I kept forgetting to hit Update after un-checking the box. I was just clicking the arrow to go the next product, so I did have to do this part again.

      It works exactly as you said. Awesome! Thank you.
      Shannon Wright
      Xact Xpressions, Inc.