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How can I Show Percentage Savings with Specific Sale price - Price Group

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  • blubbert
    Yep, the calculate predicted discounts box is checked under my category page template.

    Here are the tokens available from my category page:
    &mvt:category_listing:products[10]:base_price; 4.95
    &mvt:category_listing:products[10]:customfield_values:customfields:nprice; 4.95
    &mvt:category_listing:products[10]:customfield_values:customfields:slprice; 18.45
    &mvt:category_listing:products[10]:customfield_values:discount_saleprice:sda_sale; 3.69
    &mvt:category_listing:products[10]:formatted_base_price; $4.95
    &mvt:category_listing:products[10]:formatted_price; $4.95
    &mvt:category_listing:products[10]:price; 4.95
    &mvt:category_listing:products[10]:sale_price; 4.95
    The 3.69 price is there in the tokens, but it is not reflected in the price or sale_price.

    This certainly has me stumped.

    I just can't figure out why the product page will show the discounted price and the category page will not.

    Library and Educational Services

    Just for reference here are the price tokens from the product page:
    &mvt:attributemachine:additionalprice; base
    &mvt:attributemachine:price; sale
    &mvt:attributemachine:product:base_price; 4.95
    &mvt:attributemachine:product:formatted_base_pr ice ; $4.95
    &mvt:attributemachine:product:formatted_price; $3.69
    &mvt:attributemachine:product:price; 4.95
    &mvt:product:base_price; 4.95
    &mvt:product:customfield_values:customfields:np ric e; 4.95
    &mvt:product:customfield_values:customfields:sl pri ce; 18.45
    &mvt:product:formatted_base_price; $4.95
    &mvt:product:formatted_price; $3.69
    &mvt:product_display:additionalprice; base

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  • SidFeyDesigns
    Is the "Calculate Predicted Discounts" box checked for the "Category Product List Layout" section on the CTGY page template?

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  • blubbert
    Here is the code from my product page that displays the price.

    <div class="product-price-sale"><span id="price-value" class="bold" itemprop="price" content="&mvt:product:price;">Sale Price: &mvt:product:formatted_price;</span></div>

    Here is the code from my category page that displays the price.

    <div class="product-price-sale"><span id="price-value" class="bold">Sale Price: &mvt:product:formatted_price;</span></div>

    The product page shows the sale price just perfectly.

    The category page shows the regular price in Miva but does NOT show the price group price.

    It had been working for years, but we made an upgrade in Miva 10 and the very next day it no longer worked. It was like a switch got turned off.

    Any clue what might be wrong?

    I wondered if it might be an items that was switched on for the product page but not on the category page. But I can't find anything that might be the cause.

    Library and Educational Services

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  • Bruce - PhosphorMedia
    Not sure if this is true in all places, and definently may not be if your site is up to date, but test for:

    $mvt:product:price; and &mvt:product:base_price;

    If they are there, you can just do the math and display.

    Depending on there you are doing this, that variable name may be different. Use the Token viewer ON that page (i.e., product, basket) and filter by :price and :base_price to find out. For example, in basket, it could be item:price or group:price and item:base_price or group:base_price.

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  • Kent Multer
    In most cases, prices are available on page templates in two forms. For instance, there's a variable called product:price which is just a number, and there's also product:formatted_price which has currency symbols added. I think you must be working with the formatted version.

    Regarding your larger problem, I'd need to see some of your code to make a suggestion.

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  • How can I Show Percentage Savings with Specific Sale price - Price Group

    Here is what I want to do:

    I have a specific sale price - price group that I want to show the discount for on all of my store pages.

    However, the specific sale price amount is a string instead of a variable so that I can NOT do any arithmetic operations on it.

    Is there some way to convert this to a variable so that I can do arithmetic on it?

    Background and Bigger Problem . . .

    Our story is old and we have NOT always kept up with the code updates.

    The problem I am trying to solve by a little programming is this . . .

    The Product Page will show the correct discount and sale price for this specific sale price price group.

    However, my category page and product search page will not show the correct price or the correct discount percentage. I have tried a million combinations of things trying to get things to work correctly with no success.

    Any idea what might be preventing this from displaying correctly on my category and search page?

    Please let me know if you more details are necessary.

    Library and Educational Services LLC