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PayPal Commerce and phone numbers

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    PayPal Commerce and phone numbers

    A client noticed that phone numbers are no longer being store in the orders.

    I've checked, the Order Table is missing the phone numbers. And OCST page has the phone number required to move on through checkout.

    The observation so far is that since PayPal Commerce was installed and is the only pay module, only one order has retained the phone number. This order, the customer used the Credit Card option. I haven't seen or heard of a bug regarding this scenario, but I also don't have enough information to track it down, as in replicate the problem to report. I don't have a Miva store with a PayPal sandbox either. I have confirmed that the phone number is required in the Customer Info form and that it is not being stored in the Orders table.

    Anyone else with this problem/experience?

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    Its not a bug. It's a PayPal setting in the PayPal account that will have to be changed.

    Check Posts #11-#13 here: